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Creative Economy Report 2013: Widening Local Development Pathways

Key Message

In addition to economic benefits, the creative economy also contributes significantly to inclusive social development, dialogue and understanding between people.


United Nations. (2013). Creative Economy Report 2013: Widening Local Development Pathways. New York, NY: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).


The Creative Economy Report 2013 is the result of a partnership between the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation, hosted by UNDP, and UNESCO, with contributions from other United Nations agencies. It examines the interactions, policies and specific challenges facing the development of the creative sector at the local level.

The Report also aims to serve as an inspirational tool for others shaping their own pathways for local development. It reviews close to 80 culture and development programmes from the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund and UNESCO’s International Fund for Cultural Diversity. The analysis of these portfolios provides a menu of options and discussion of practical choices for local leaders to support cultural and creative industries in the pursuit of more inclusive, equitable and sustainable growth, leading to the post-MDG era.


When the creative sector becomes part of an overall development and growth strategy, it can contribute to the revitalization of the national economy where hybrid and dynamic economic and cultural exchanges occur and innovation is nurtured. Investing in culture and the creative sector as a driver of social development can also lead to results that contribute to the overall well-being of communities, individual self-esteem and quality of life, dialogue and cohesion. These results generated from fostering the cultural and creative industries may be harder to quantify, but are no less important.

The report offers concrete recommendations to policy makers on how to boost their creative and cultural sectors, including matching of investments with infrastructure and labour capacities, mechanisms to scale up the development of local enterprises, effective intellectual property rights that stimulate creative economies, access to global markets, and more.

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