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Exercise and Teen Smoking

Key Message

Increasing physical activity can help teens reduce or quit smoking.


Kuehn, Bridget M. (2013). Exercise and Teen Smoking. Journal of the American Medical Association. 309 (20):2087. doi:10.1001/jama.2013.5931


The researchers randomized 233 teens from 19 West Virginia high schools to receive a brief smoking cessation intervention, the Not-On-Tobacco (N-O-T) teen cessation program, or N-O-T plus a physical activity intervention.


The researchers previously published results from the study that suggested those in the N-O-T plus physical activity group were more likely to quit smoking. But the new results suggest that teens in all groups who increased their physical activity levels were more likely than those who did not increase their activity levels to reduce or quit smoking. In fact, all 3 groups of teens increased their physical activity, and there was no significant difference in activity levels between groups.

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