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Older People and Arts and Culture

Key Message

Older people say that arts and culture make them feel happy and healthy, help them meet other people and improve their overall quality of life. 


ComRes. (2016). Arts Council England: Older people and arts and culture. Cobham, UK: ComRes.


The research, conducted by ComRes, shows the different ways older people (aged 65+) value arts and culture. With the UK’s older population continuing to grow significantly, the survey also highlights how arts and cultural activities could potentially help to tackle key social issues such as loneliness and isolation, which can increase during the winter months with longer nights and colder weather making it harder for older people to get out and about.


  • 76% of older people say arts and culture is important in making them feel happy. 
  • 57% say arts and culture is important in helping them meet other people. 
  • 60% say it is important in encouraging them to get out and about. 

Benefit Statements / Outcomes

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