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Reconomics: The Economic Impact of Outdoor Recreation

Key Message

Outdoor recreation in the United Kingdom drives the visitor economy, creates related jobs and skills, and contributes to tackling the health costs of physical inactivity.


Butler, Simon and Verity Comley. (2014). Reconomics: The Economic Impact of Outdoor Recreation. UK: Sport and Recreation Alliance.


This report looks at outdoor activities and the benefits it brings to the UK economy. It brings together research and evidence relating to the impact of outdoor recreation and provides a compelling case to politicians on the true value of outdoor recreation.


Otucomes indicate that outdoor recreation

  • Drives the visitor economy: people spending their day enjoying outdoor recreation spent £21billion in 2012/13.
  • Creates jobs and skills: walking tourism alone supports up to 245,500 full-time equivalent jobs.
  • Promotes a healthy nation: outdoor recreation can make a significant contribution to tackling the £10 billion cost of  physical inactivity


Benefit Statements / Outcomes

Leadership Provided By:

  • Leisure Information Network (LIN)
  • Alberta Recreation and Parks Association

On Behalf Of:

  • Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRAA)

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