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The Economic Value of Quiet Recreation

Key Message

Nonmotorized recreation on the public lands overseen by the Bureau of Land Management supports 25,000 jobs and generates $2.8 billion for the US economy. 


ECONorthwest. (2016). Quiet Recreation on BLM-Managed Lands: Economic Contribution 2014. ECONorthwest: Eugene, OR. 23 pp.


Public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the western United States and Alaska provide a wealth of recreational opportunities to visitors. These range from camping, hiking, and hunting to off-highway vehicle use (OHV), boating, and snowmobiling. 

In this report, we present the results of our analysis of the overall economic contribution of quiet recreation on BLM lands in 11 western states and Alaska in 2014.


Quiet recreation visitors to the Bureau of Land Management lands spent approximately $1.8 billion within 50 miles of the recreation sites in 2014. These expenditures resulted in overall contributions to the U.S. economy of approximately $800 million in personal income, $1.54 billion in value-added, economic output of over $2.8 billion, and nearly 25,000 jobs. The results represent only the spending related economic effects of quiet recreation trips. The estimates in this study include trip spending that occurred within 50 miles of the BLM recreation sites. They do not include, for example, spending on gear or equipment that occurred prior to the trip or outside of 50 miles of the BLM sites. They also do not capture the economic value to recreational visitors or others who benefit from the range of goods and services that may be associated with or supported by quiet recreation opportunities. 

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