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Trees Matter! Bringing Lasting Benefits to People in Towns

Key Message

Trees and woods provide a whole range of multifunctional contributions to environmental, social and economic sustainability.


National Urban Forestry Unit. (circa 2006). Trees Matter! Bringing Lasting Benefits to People in Towns. London, United Kingdom: Author.


This publication provides a comprehensive review of the benefits which can come from urban trees and woods. This is supported by reference to scientific research from around the world.


Climate Moderation (pp 4-5)

The shelter and shade from trees can save up to 10% of the energy needed to heat and cool nearby buildings. They also reduce the effects of air pollution and make outdoor spaces much more comfortable.
The leaves and twigs of trees slow down the rate at which rainwater hits the ground and this helps to reduce the likelihood of localised flash flooding.
Trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow and the carbon that they store in their wood helps to reduce the rate of global warming.

Healthier Lives (pp 6-7)

By filtering polluted air, reducing chemical smog formation, shading out harmful solar radiation and providing an attractive, calming setting for recreation, trees can have a positive effect on the incidence of asthma, skin cancer and many stress related illnesses.

Land Stabilisation and Reclamation (p 9)

ree roots help to bind the soil together and prevent erosion. Some trees can also clean up contaminated land.

Biodiversity (p10)

rees play a vital role in the urban ecosystem, by helping to support a great variety of wildlife which people can enjoy close to home.


Enhanced Landscapes (p 13)

Trees soften the landscape of hard-edged towns and cities, making them greener, more comfortable and more attractive.


Sustainable Communities (p 14)

When communities play an active part in caring for their local trees and woods, this helps to build more confidence and shared enjoyment.


Benefit Statements / Outcomes

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