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5.06 Arts and culture help people understand their neighbours, community, history, and environment.

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  2. Leisure, public space and quality of life in the urban environment
    2003 - Hong Kong

    Greater emphasis by decision makers must be placed on the physical, social and psychological factors which have been shown to affect the nature of leisure engagement if Quality of Life is to be...

  3. Cultural participation, social capital and civil renewal in the United Kingdom: Statistical evidence
    2006 - England

    The United Kingdom benchmarked levels of cultural participation in the UK with the experience in other EU countries, and explored the links between cultural participation and other measures of...

  4. How the Arts Impact Communities: An Introduction to the Literature on Arts Impact Studies (Working P
    2002 - USA

    This literature review on the impact of arts and culture addresses whether the arts build social capital, improve the economy, and are good for individuals.

  5. Prince George Heritage Strategic Plan
    2006 - Canada

    “Heritage conservation has many potential cultural, social and economic benefits. Conserving heritage allows a community to retain and convey a sense of its history, and provides aesthetic...

  6. Art and Wellbeing: A Guide to the Connections between Community Cultural Development and Health, Eco
    2004 - Australia

    Direct involvement by communities in arts activity can contribute significantly to individual and community wellbeing and can enhance the efforts of government agencies in realizing their policies...

  7. 3 Big Questions
    2005 - Canada

    Cultural activities present opportunities for reinforcing diverse identities, for creating a sense of shared purpose, and for motivating people to become involved thus developing social capital and...

  8. Valuing cultural heritage : applying environmental valuation techniques to historic buildings, monum
    2002 - England

    People attribute a significantly positive value to the conservation or restoration of cultural assets. The implication is that damages to cultural goods are undesirable and that the public would be...

  9. The arts and culture as new engines of economic and social development
    2005 - Canada

    Arts and culture appear as the key to three basic skills: learning to be, learning to know and learning to live together. “Culture’s contributions to identity, to a sense of belonging, to social...

  10. Measure for measure: Evaluating the evidence of culture’s contribution to regeneration
    2004 - England

    ” The arts have generated interest in regeneration through their symbolic potential, such as heritage and identity, assisting in change processes and cultural expression, and in reaching the parts...

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