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5.06 Arts and culture help people understand their neighbours, community, history, and environment.

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  2. [2011] Our City, Ourselves: A Cultural Landscape Assessment of Kelowna, British Columbia
    2011 - Canada

    Culture is no longer simply a mirror that reflects who we are, but also a tool that can help us achieve the goals of a community.  Whether considering the input, supply, outcome or the three types...

  3. [2010] Indigenous Cultural Festivals: Evaluating Impact on Community Health and Wellbeing
    2010 - Australia

    Whatever scale they operate at, festivals support communities in their efforts to maintain and renew themselves through the celebration of culture. Indigenous festivals are a leading space of...

  4. [2008] Greenspace and quality of life: a critical literature review
    2008 - Scotland

    Greenspaces provide significant health, social, community and environmental benefits and the literature which reports these benefits is growing.

  5. [2008] From Creative Economy to Creative Society
    2008 - USA

    Community arts researchers have found direct connections between culture and revitalization. In a study of ten Chicago neighborhoods, social networks were identified as a key mechanism by which...

  6. [2008] Arts Research Monitor
    2008 - Canada

    Performing arts attendees have positive indicators of social engagement:

    • They volunteer for non‐profit organizations at almost twice the rate of non-attendees
    • They donate money or goods to...

  7. [2008] Cultural Engagement in California’s Inland Regions
    2008 - USA

    A number of cultural activities and programs, if supported at higher levels, might more equitably increase levels of cultural vitality in the Inland Empire and San Joaquin Valley. They are...

  8. [2008] Social Effects of Culture: Detailed Statistical Models
    2008 - Canada

    Canadians who participate in cultural activities are more likely to be socially active than Canadians who do not.

  9. [2008] Compendium of Research Papers: the International Forum on the Creative Economy [Recueil des Textes:
    2008 - Canada

    Canada’s culture sector, encompassing arts and culture industries, generates a wealth of contributions to Canada’s cultural, social, and economic fabric and contributes to our national...

  10. [2007] Choreographing community sustainability: The importance of cultural planning to community viability
    2007 - Canada

    Culture is equal to the environment, economic, and social sectors in contributing to community sustainability, and all four dimensions of sustainability should be integrated in government planning...

  11. [2007] Using Recreation to Curb Extremism. Sports and recreation have been proven to be effective means of
    2007 - USA

    Recreational sport programs help youth establish peaceful and productive relations with their neighbors,  and can be one of the most dynamic groups in society because sports, being played globally,...

  12. [2007] Cultural Arts Education as Community Development: An Innovative Model of Healing and Transformation
    2007 - USA

    In 2007, the Interscience Journal reported on a study that noted:”...the effect of arts and cultural knowledge experienced communally and development of a collective cultural identity. Having...

  13. [2007] Mingling, observing, and lingering: Everyday public spaces and their implications for well-being and
    2007 - England

    A wide range of everyday public open spaces were perceived as having a positive influence on both individual well-being and community life. Some people derived restorative benefits from the...

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