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5.07 Recreation, parks, sport, arts, and culture build pride in a community, province or country

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  2. Youth Sport vs. Youth Crime - Evidence that youth engaged in organized sport are not likely to parti
    2008 - Canada

    According to many criminology experts, the most effective approach to reducing youth crime is to steer young people away from negative social activities before they become involved in criminal...

  3. Studies of the use of wilderness for personal growth, therapy, education, and leadership development
    1995 - USA

    In 1995, the University of Idaho findings tend to support the notion that : ” participation in wilderness experience programs results in positive benefits, such as enhanced self esteem and sense of...

  4. Introduction: The social effects of culture
    2006 - Canada

    Arts and heritage participation enhances social understanding, promotes identity formation, modifies values, builds social cohesion, and fosters community development and civic participation.

  5. Strategies for creative spaces and cities: Lessons learned
    2006 - Canada

    Lesson 1: Creativity-enhancing instruction and cultural activity in public education system are vital to supporting the creative economy.

    Lesson 2: Cultural and creativity-based programs offer an...

  6. Informal arts: Finding cohesion, capacity and other cultural benefits in unexpected places
    2002 - USA

    The informal arts occupy a significant place in the social infrastructure of communities, helping to build both individual identity and group solidarity. In the course of informal arts...

  7. Can the Arts Change the World? The Transformative Power of Community Arts
    2007 - USA

    Community arts can create a safe space that allows us to trust and be open to change and make us comfortable with the role shifting that is part of community transformation.

  8. Enhancing Cultural Capital: The Arts and Community Development in Winnipeg
    2005 - Canada

    The wealth of artistic and cultural resources in Winnipeg's inner city make an enormous contribution to building community capacity, energizing community-based revitalization efforts, educating...

  9. A case for investing in arts, culture and heritage infrastructure. Prepared for British Columbia Min
    2007 - Canada

    A national survey on children and youth found that children who participate in organized activities outside of school, e.g., music, the arts or clubs, tend to have higher self esteem, interact...

  10. Exploring the role of arts and culture in urban sustainable development: Journey in progress
    2001 - Canada

    Quality of community life components:
    • economic vitality —a precondition to generate the wealth to create other services
    • a sense of place and strong public realm
    • cultural activities that...

  11. Compendium of Research Papers: the International Forum on the Creative Economy [Recueil des Textes:
    2008 - Canada

    Canada’s culture sector, encompassing arts and culture industries, generates a wealth of contributions to Canada’s cultural, social, and economic fabric and contributes to our national...

  12. Exploring the role of arts and culture in urban sustainable development: A journey in progress
    2005 - Canada

    The indicators of benefits in quality of life and urban sustainability fall into 3 categories:

    • Cultural vitality
    • Spirituality and faith
    • Heritage and local character


  13. Arts and culture in medicine and health: A survey research paper
    2005 - Canada

    Arts and culture have important contributions to make to at least seven of the twelve determinants of health defined by Health Canada. Research in the United Kingdom and the United States is...

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