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5.07 Recreation, parks, sport, arts, and culture build pride in a community, province or country

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  2. How the Arts Impact Communities: An Introduction to the Literature on Arts Impact Studies (Working P
    2002 - USA

    This literature review on the impact of arts and culture addresses whether the arts build social capital, improve the economy, and are good for individuals.

  3. Valuing cultural heritage : applying environmental valuation techniques to historic buildings, monum
    2002 - England

    People attribute a significantly positive value to the conservation or restoration of cultural assets. The implication is that damages to cultural goods are undesirable and that the public would be...

  4. Measure for measure: Evaluating the evidence of culture’s contribution to regeneration
    2004 - England

    ” The arts have generated interest in regeneration through their symbolic potential, such as heritage and identity, assisting in change processes and cultural expression, and in reaching the parts...

  5. Artists in Small and Rural Municipalities in Canada
    2006 - Canada

    Particularly in small and rural municipalities, a strong artistic community can lead to “pride of place” and can therefore enhance the whole community’s well-being. A strong artistic presence can...

  6. The Use and Benefits of Local Government Recreation and Parks Services for Albertans Living in Pover
    2009 - Canada

    Living in poverty limits leisure choices and the subsequent benefits in Alberta. In addition to the financial constraints that low income residents experieince, they also must deal with issues...

  7. 2002 Canadian Public Opinion Survey on Youth and Sport
    2002 - Canada

    Canadians highly value the contribution of community-level sports to the development of youth and also to the broader community.  Canadians see community-level sports as benefitting their local...

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