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5.07 Recreation, parks, sport, arts, and culture build pride in a community, province or country

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  2. [2012] Interest in Arts Predicts Social Responsibility
    2012 - USA

    People with an active interest in the arts contribute more to society than those with little or no such interest.

  3. [2011] Blue Sky Green Space
    2011 - England

    The benefits of green space provide a very cost effective means of promoting health and well-being, as well as a mechanism for increasing community and citizen involvement in volunteering.

  4. [2011] Estimating the Value of Medal Success at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games
    2011 - Canada

    Research pegs the intangible benefits generated by the Canadian government's Own the Podium program at between three and five times its cost: between $215 million and $3.4 billion.

  5. [2011] Our City, Ourselves: A Cultural Landscape Assessment of Kelowna, British Columbia
    2011 - Canada

    Culture is no longer simply a mirror that reflects who we are, but also a tool that can help us achieve the goals of a community.  Whether considering the input, supply, outcome or the three types...

  6. [2010] Knight Soul of the Community 2010
    2010 - USA

    This study provides empirical evidence that the drivers that create emotional bonds between people and their community are consistent in virtually every city and can be reduced to just a few...

  7. [2010] Indigenous Cultural Festivals: Evaluating Impact on Community Health and Wellbeing
    2010 - Australia

    Whatever scale they operate at, festivals support communities in their efforts to maintain and renew themselves through the celebration of culture. Indigenous festivals are a leading space of...

  8. [2009] The Use and Benefits of Local Government Recreation and Parks Services for Albertans Living in Pover
    2009 - Canada

    Living in poverty limits leisure choices and the subsequent benefits in Alberta. In addition to the financial constraints that low income residents experieince, they also must deal with issues...

  9. [2008] Youth Sport vs. Youth Crime - Evidence that youth engaged in organized sport are not likely to parti
    2008 - Canada

    According to many criminology experts, the most effective approach to reducing youth crime is to steer young people away from negative social activities before they become involved in criminal...

  10. [2008] Leisure as community catalyst:  Re-visiting a community twenty years after the development of a muni
    2008 - Canada

    The results of this study demonstrate how one community has been successful in converting leisure into social, cultural, economic, and environmental benefits over a twenty year period.

  11. [2008] From Creative Economy to Creative Society
    2008 - USA

    Community arts researchers have found direct connections between culture and revitalization. In a study of ten Chicago neighborhoods, social networks were identified as a key mechanism by which...

  12. [2008] Social Effects of Culture: Exploratory Statistical Evidence
    2008 - Canada

    Statistics show a relationship between some cultural activities and positive social engagement such volunteering, donating, doing favours for neighbours, sense of belonging to Canada and not...

  13. [2008] Social and Economic Value of Public Libraries, Museums, Arts and Sport in Northern Ireland Phase I:
    2008 - Ireland

    Arts can help combat crime, and anti-social behaviour as well as foster social cohesion and integration.

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