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5.08 Recreation, sport, arts, culture, and parks all build a sense of belonging within a community

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  2. Indigenous Cultural Festivals: Evaluating Impact on Community Health and Wellbeing
    2010 - Australia

    Whatever scale they operate at, festivals support communities in their efforts to maintain and renew themselves through the celebration of culture. Indigenous festivals are a leading space of...

  3. Art-Goers in Their Communities: Patterns of Civic and Social Engagement
    2009 - USA

    "American adults who attend art museums, art galleries, or live arts performances are far more likely than non-attendees to vote, volunteer, or take part in community events." (p.1)

  4. ‘The only place to go and be in the city’: Women talk about exercise, being outdoors, and the meanin
    2006 - USA

    Women interviewed often found the park to be a socially intimate place and their activities there to be enriched by the presence of others, because the park was a place for bringing family, meeting...

  5. An integrated methodology to assess the benefits of urban green space
    2004 - Belgium

    “Benefits of Urban Green Space (BUGS) is a methodology to assess the impact of green space and settlement patterns on urban environmental quality and social well-being and to formulate...

  6. People, land and sustainability: Community gardens
    2001 - USA

    Urban green spaces and community gardens can be very positively linked to the implementation of Local Agenda and sustainability policies and at the same time used to promote environmental equity.

  7. Leisure and Traditional Culture in First Nations Communities
    1998 - USA

    Leisure provides an avenue for First Nations peoples to learn and play out their traditional lifestyle, thus reestablishing and preserving the traditions of the past. Some of the ‘old ways’ will...

  8. The Social World of Birding: A Creation of Community
    2002 - Canada

    Based on the findings, this community of birders provided the opportunity for the creation of social bonds with other like-minded people. Older birders also attached a variety of meanings and...

  9. Singing alone? The contribution of cultural capital to social cohesion and sustainable communities
    2003 - Canada

    Cultural participation "helps to connect individuals to the social spaces occupied by others and encourages “buy in” to institutional rules and shared norms of behavior. Without this “buy in”,...

  10. Are urban green spaces optimally distributed to act as places for social integration? Results of a g
    2004 - Switzerland

    Geneva shows a socially balanced distribution of green areas. Comparing the situation of Geneva with that in the other two cities, it is evident that Geneva has the best opportunity to make the...

  11. Forest School and its impact on young children – Case studies in Britain
    2007 - England

    Forest School: • Increases the self-esteem and confidence of those individuals who take part. • Improves an individual’s ability to work co-operatively and increases their awareness of others. •...

  12. Participation in arts and culture: The importance of community venues
    2003 - USA

    "Investments by public agencies and private foundations in arts and cultural activities at community venues can strengthen both the community institutions that host the events and the arts and...

  13. Immigrant participatory arts: An insight into community-building in Silicon Valley
    2004 - USA

    Participatory community arts are one of the strongest channels that immigrants have for self-assertion as authoritative adults, teachers of their children, and allies to their new friends and...

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