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6.03 Leisure activities reduce crime and social dysfunction – decreasing police, justice, and incarceration costs. (recreation, arts, culture, sport)

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  2. Mapping the public life of the arts in America
    1999 - USA

     The nonprofit arts industry in the United States generates $36.8 billion in economic activity annually, supports 1.3 million jobs and returns $3.4 billion in federal income taxes.

  3. Measuring the Economic Value of a City Park System
    2009 - USA

    Parks have a positive impact on nearby residential property values Parks play a major role in a city’s tourism economy.   While city parks provide much indirect benefit, they also provide huge...

  4. Physical Activity: Health benefits and costs to health care system
    2004 - Canada

    “Current estimates place the cost of physical inactivity in Canada at 5.3 billion and the cost of obesity in Canada at $4.3 billion in health care expenditures." " If Canadians were to become more...

  5. Physical Training as a Substance Abuse Prevention Intervention for Youth.
    2000 - USA

    Increased fitness leads to lowered risk factors and usage patterns in youth.

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