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7.01 Recreation, sport, and fitness improve work performance by increasing productivity, and decreasing absenteeism, staff turnover, and accidents

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  2. Claiming the Health Dividend: Value for Money Estimates of Investment in Walking and Cycling
    2014 - England

    This report summarizes the latest findings in studies that looked at benefit-to-cost ratios of investments in walking and cycling which are considered to be around 5:1. 

  3. Co-benefits of Designing Communities for Active Living
    2015 - USA

    Active cities are an investment in developing greater human, economic, social and environmental capital. 

  4. Compilation of Evidence of Effective Active Living Interventions: A Case Study Approach
    2001 - Canada

    “The evidence for the benefits that a physically active society will accrue is strong in terms of enhanced quality of life, reduced disease and disability, and reduced health-care costs. Further,...

  5. Culture and Commerce: Traditional Arts in Economic Development
    2003 - USA

    Active cultural participation can build strong communities and create economic assets which can be harnessed for regional growth.

  6. Designed to Move: Active Cities
    2015 - USA

    The report shows that cities with physically active populations are not only more economically competitive – they also benefit from increased productivity, improved school performance, higher...

  7. Documented Health and Environmental Benefits Derived from Ornamental Horticulture Products
    2007 - Canada

    The literature reviewed for this study clearly illustrates that there are significant benefits from ornamental horticulture, whether economic, environmental or lifestyle.

  8. Healthy People, Healthy Performance, Healthy Profits: The Case for Business Action on the Socio-Econ
    2008 - Canada

    "Business action on many of the socio-economic determinants of health can lead to better health outcomes and better bottom lines. “

  9. Interventions to Promote Physical Activity and Dietary Lifestyle Changes for Cardiovascular Risk Fac
    2010 - USA

    Even modest sustained lifestyle changes can substantially reduce CVD morbidity and mortality. Because many of the beneficial effects of lifestyle changes accrue over time, long-term adherence...

  10. Knight Soul of the Community 2010
    2010 - USA

    This study provides empirical evidence that the drivers that create emotional bonds between people and their community are consistent in virtually every city and can be reduced to just a few...

  11. Mapping the Public Life of the Arts in America
    1999 - USA

    In America the nonprofit arts industry generates $36.8 billion in economic activity annually, support 1.3 million jobs and return $3.4 billion in federal income taxes.

  12. Moving Ahead: The Economic Impact of Reducing Physical Inactivity and Sedentary Behaviour
    2014 - Canada

    By meeting the official physical activity and sedentary guidelines, Canadians can live a longer and healthier life, which has positive implications for the economy, government finances, and labour...

  13. Supervisor Workplace Stress and Abusive Supervision: The Buffering Effect of Exercise
    2012 - USA

    Moderate levels of physical exercise can reduce stress and associated abusive behaviour of supervisors towards staff.

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