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7.02 Leisure programs, services, and parks contribute to economic development by attracting business to communities. (recreation, sport, arts, culture, outdoor/environmental)

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  2. $1 Billion Recreation Spending in the Sagebrush Lands
    2014 - USA

    Protecting the sagebrush ecosystems in the western US will benefit local economies.

  3. 2008 Arctic Winter Games: Economic Impact Assessment
    2008 - Canada

    The combined spending of operations and visitors to the 2008 Arctic Winter Games exceeded $6.6 million, generating an estimated $13.2 million in economic activity for the Northwest Territories, of...

  4. Artists by Neighbourhood in Canada
    2005 - Canada

    ” The arts contribute to the quality of life as well as the social and economic vitality of communities. The arts may also attract talented people, jobs and investment to communities.”

  5. Artists’ Centers: Evolution and Impact on Careers, Neighborhoods and Economies
    2006 - USA

    “Artists’ centers make important contributions to regional economies and to the social, cultural, and commercial lives of their neighbors. “

  6. Arts & Economic Prosperity III: The Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations and
    2008 - USA

    Arts-centric businesses are contributing significantly to state and local economies across the country—representing 4.3 percent of all businesses and 2.2 percent of all jobs in the United States....

  7. Arts & Economic Prosperity IV
    2012 - USA

    Nonprofit arts and culture organizations in the US drive a $135.2 billion industry that supports 4.1 million full-time equivalent jobs and generates $22.3 billion in government revenue annually....

  8. Arts Facts . . . Economic Impact of the Arts
    2007 - USA

    From major metropolitan areas to small rural towns, the nonprofit arts are an economically sound investment. They attract audiences, spur business development, support jobs, and generate government...

  9. Blue Sky Green Space
    2011 - England

    The benefits of green space provide a very cost effective means of promoting health and well-being, as well as a mechanism for increasing community and citizen involvement in volunteering.

  10. Canada Winter Games 2007: Economic Impact Assessment Final Report
    2008 - Canada

    The 2007 Canada Winter Games contributed an estimated $75.2 million to the GDP and generated $176.7 million in economic activity throughout the Yukon. The combined total of the visitor...

  11. Census Metropolitan Areas as culture clusters
    2004 - Canada

    Canada’s three largest CMAs, Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver led all CMAs in terms of numbers of workers in culture industries in 2001. Together they had 64% of CMA culture industry workers,...

  12. Choreographing community sustainability: The importance of cultural planning to community viability
    2007 - Canada

    "Many Canadian municipalities and city regions have recognized the importance of cultural development and planning in contributing to community identity and the ability to attract and retain...

  13. Co-benefits of Designing Communities for Active Living
    2015 - USA

    Designing communities that support physical activity is likely to produce a wide variety of additional benefits, ranging from mental health to environmental sustainability and economics.

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