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7.03 Leisure programs, services, and parks draw tourism and contribute to local economies. (recreation, sport, arts, culture, outdoor/environmental)

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  2. Ontario Arts and Culture Tourism Profile
    2012 - Canada

    Arts and culture play a key role in the Ontario tourism industry and provide substantial economic benefits to the province.

  3. Impact of Arts & Culture Industries on Texas: Update
    2011 - USA

     Arts and culture Industries as well as creative sector employees are a vital component of the Texas economy. It is also clear that all parts of the state benefit from these businesses and workers....

  4. A Snapshot of the Economic Impact of Outdoor Recreation
    2012 - USA

    Spending on outdoor recreation is a vital part of the U. S. national and western economies. It means jobs and incomes and can be the lifeblood of many rural communities in the West.

  5. Economic Impacts of Michigan Museums: Executive Summary
    2003 - USA

    The statewide economic impacts of museums in Michigan is 15,000 jobs and $331 million in wages and salaries.

  6. Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis: Executive Summary
    2012 - USA

    Parks provide quality of life, recreation, aesthetic and environmental benefits, but they also provide positive economic benefits: they enhance property values, attract corporations, bring in...

  7. Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation Activities in Pennsylvania
    2011 - USA

    Beyond the aesthetic, cultural and historical benefits of historic preservation, there are many economic benefits: economic stimulus through construction projects, wealth gains and tax revenue...

  8. Creative State Michigan
    2012 - USA

    Nearly half a billion dollars was contributed in direct expenditures to Michigan’s economy in 2009. For every $1 Michigan invests in arts and culture, $51 is pumped back into the state's economy....

  9. 2010 Arctic Winter Games Grande Prairie, Alberta: Event Analysis And Economic Impact Study
    2011 - Canada

    Direct visitor spending and event operations expenditures invested into the economy (province‐wide) and attributed to hosting the 2010 Arctic Winter Games in Grande Prairie, Alberta were...

  10. The importance of nature to Canadians: the economic significance of nature-related activities
    2000 - Canada

    The enjoyment provided by nature has significant impacts on the national, provincial and territorial economies. At the national level, the $11.7 billion spent in Canada on nature-related activities...

  11. The Economic Impact of State Parks, Forests and Natural Resources under the Management of Department
    2011 - USA

    Consumer surpluses (quality of life benefits) in addition to their expenditures suggest that, in recent years, visitors to Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection managed venues derived...

  12. The Value of Sport and Physical Recreation to Tasmania
    2010 - Australia

    Although the current levels of investment in sport and physical recreation (SPR) yield a strong return, a more economically efficient outcome can be achieved by increasing the regular rate of...

  13. The hidden benefits of non-elite mass participation sports events: an economic perspectiveColeman
    2010 - England

    Non-elite mass participation events can generate substantial economic impacts for host cities comparable to or greater than those associated with elite events. This suggests that an event does not...

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