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7.04 Recreation, fitness, sport, arts, culture, parks, and open spaces are significant employment generators

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  2. Reconomics: The Economic Impact of Outdoor Recreation
    2014 - England

    Outdoor recreation in the United Kingdom drives the visitor economy, creates related jobs and skills, and contributes to tackling the health costs of physical inactivity.

  3. The Social Benefits of Sport
    2013 - Scotland

    Sport improves physical and mental health and reduces health care costs. It also reduces anti-social behaviour.

  4. The contribution of the arts and culture to the national economy
    2013 - England

    The arts and culture sector provides significant economic benefits to GDP, economic turnover, return on investment, employment, and tourism.

  5. The value of arts and culture to people and society: An evidence review
    2014 - England

    The arts and culture sector provides economic, social, health and wellbeing, and education benefits to society.

  6. Economic Impacts of the Wisconsin State Park System: Connections to Gateway Communities - USA

    Wisconsin state parks and trails are not only important drivers of local economic vitality across the state, but also provide additional economic value due to non-market goods, such as ecosystem...

  7. The Economic Impact of Canada’s National, Provincial and Territorial Parks in 2009
    2011 - Canada

    Spending on park programs by the Canadian federal, provincial, and territory governments and by parks visitors has a substantial impact on the Canadian economy, creating jobs, generating income for...

  8. Teton-West Yellowstone Region Backcountry Winter Recreation Economic Impact Analysis
    2013 - USA

    Backcountry recreation by both residents and non-residents contributes direct economic benefits to the local economy through participation in recreation as well as through employee wages and tax...

  9. The Economic Impact of Alberta’s Winter Olympic Legacy Events
    2013 - Canada

    Province-wide impacts from 4 winter legacy events showed a net province-wide economic impact (value-added) of approximately $10.6 million and approximately 157 person-years of employment.

  10. 2011 World Allround Speed Skating Championship Event Economic Impact Report
    2013 - Canada

    The economic impact of the World Speed Skating Championship was approximately $1.21 million for the province of Alberta. with 17.5 person years of employment generated.

  11. National Parks, National Assets
    2013 - England

    England’s 10 national parks offer great economic benefits, contributing £6bn a year in added value to the UK – as much as the aerospace industry.

  12. Larval Export from Marine Reserves and the Recruitment Benefit for Fish and Fisheries
    2012 - Australia

    Adequately protected reserve networks can make a significant contribution to the replenishment of marine populations on both reserve and fished reefs at a scale that benefits local stakeholders.

  13. Economic Benefits to Local Communities from National Park Visitation, 2011
    2013 - USA

    National Parks serve as powerful economic engines for local communities, supporting 252,000 jobs.

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