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7.05 Small investments in recreation, sport, arts, culture, and parks often yield large economic returns from events, capital development, and ongoing services

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  2. Creative State Michigan
    2012 - USA

    Nearly half a billion dollars was contributed in direct expenditures to Michigan’s economy in 2009. For every $1 Michigan invests in arts and culture, $51 is pumped back into the state's economy....

  3. 2010 Arctic Winter Games Grande Prairie, Alberta: Event Analysis And Economic Impact Study
    2011 - Canada

    Direct visitor spending and event operations expenditures invested into the economy (province‐wide) and attributed to hosting the 2010 Arctic Winter Games in Grande Prairie, Alberta were...

  4. The Economic Impact of State Parks, Forests and Natural Resources under the Management of Department
    2011 - USA

    Consumer surpluses (quality of life benefits) in addition to their expenditures suggest that, in recent years, visitors to Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection managed venues derived...

  5. Estimating the Value of Medal Success at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games
    2011 - Canada

    Research pegs the intangible benefits generated by the Canadian government's Own the Podium program at between three and five times its cost: between $215 million and $3.4 billion.

  6. The Value of Sport and Physical Recreation to Tasmania
    2010 - Australia

    Although the current levels of investment in sport and physical recreation (SPR) yield a strong return, a more economically efficient outcome can be achieved by increasing the regular rate of...

  7. Creative Capital Gains: An Action Plan for Toronto
    2011 - Canada

    This report shows how Toronto can create jobs and wealth, retain talent, and strengthen neighbourhoods through investments in culture. The city has an opportunity to capitalize on a strong economic...

  8. Our City, Ourselves: A Cultural Landscape Assessment of Kelowna, British Columbia
    2011 - Canada

    Culture is no longer simply a mirror that reflects who we are, but also a tool that can help us achieve the goals of a community.  Whether considering the input, supply, outcome or the three types...

  9. The Scientific Evidence Relating to the Impact of Recreation on Youth Development
    2010 - USA

    "Park and recreation department out of school time programs can make significant contributions in nine areas . They can:
    1 . contribute to reducing juvenile delinquency
    2 . contribute to...

  10. Benefits of Music: Listings from the Impact Database

    This listing from the Impact Database provides listings of both published and grey literature on the social and economic impact of music participation and the music industry.

  11. The hidden benefits of non-elite mass participation sports events: an economic perspectiveColeman
    2010 - England

    Non-elite mass participation events can generate substantial economic impacts for host cities comparable to or greater than those associated with elite events. This suggests that an event does not...

  12. Economic Impact Assessment: Yarmouth Multi-Purpose Complex
    1997 - Canada

    Over the eleven (11) year period of construction and operation of the new Yarmouth multipurpose facility,it will provide total benefits of $ 10. 8 million dollars of household income to the...

  13. Measuring the economic and social impact of the arts: a review
    2002 - England

    In the U.K. creative industries now account for over 5% of the Gross Domestic Product and employ around 1.3 million people.

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