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7.05 Small investments in recreation, sport, arts, culture, and parks often yield large economic returns from events, capital development, and ongoing services

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  2. Canada Winter Games 2007: Economic Impact Assessment Final Report
    2008 - Canada

    The 2007 Canada Winter Games contributed an estimated $75.2 million to the GDP and generated $176.7 million in economic activity throughout the Yukon.

  3. 2008 Arctic Winter Games: Economic Impact Assessment
    2008 - Canada

    The combined spending of operations and visitors to the 2008 Arctic Winter Games exceeded $6.6 million, generating an estimated $13.2 million in economic activity for the Northwest Territories, of...

  4. Socio – Economic Impacts of Arts and Cultural Organizations in BC: Grant Applicants to the BC Arts C
    2006 - Canada

    The economy-wide economic impacts (benefits) of initial expenditures by the funded arts and cultural organizations are calculated. These organizations spent $155 million on initial expenditures....

  5. Viessmann FIS World Cup 2005:Sovereign Lake Nordic Club:Economic Impact Assessment
    2006 - Canada

    The 2005 FIS World Cup provided considerable economic benefits to the Province of British Columbia and the City of Vernon. The combined expenditures of visitors, event operations, and capital...

  6. The Economic Impact of the 2002 Saskatchewan Winter Games; Humboldt and Region February 17 - 23, 200
    2002 - Canada

    The average visitor to the winter games stayed in Humboldt and region 2.8 days and spent $126.57 or an average of $45.20 per day.


  7. 2003 Canada Winter Games Economic Impact Assessment
    2003 - Canada

    The combined spending of the operations, capital and visitors were estimated to be $38.7 million, which generated a total potential economic activity of $70.4 million in the province. Of this,...

  8. Economic impact of Prince Edward Island sport and recreation
    2001 - Canada

    The direct economic impact of the P.E.I. Sport and Recreation sector is $43.5 million in total expenditures.
    Total economic impact is $32.6 million in household income and $47.4 million in...

  9. 2005 Canada Summer Games; Economic Impact Assessment
    2006 - Canada

    Total expenditures as a result of the 2005 Canada Summer Games including combined capital, visitor and operations expenditure were substantial, totalling nearly 59.8 million. The majority of the...

  10. Valuing nature-based recreation in public natural areas of the Apalachicola River region, Florida
    2007 - USA

    "On average visitors would pay $74.18 per visit-day for nature-based recreation resulting in a total economic value of $484.56 million attributable to nature-based recreation in the Apalachicola...

  11. The Value of the Sports Economy in England : Final Report
    2003 - England

    " In 2000, 400,000 people were estimated to have been employed in sport-related activities in England, just under 2% of all employment. Sport generated £9.8bn in value-added in England, around 1½%...

  12. Sport tourism:  Economic, identity and community impacts
    2008 - Canada

    "The World Tourism Organization estimates that approximately 10% of the approximately $735 billion in international tourism receipts is sport related. In addition to the economic benefits, sport...

  13. Economic Impact Analysis of the 2002 North American Indigenous Games
    2002 - Canada

    The combined expenditure of visitors and operations was $8.143 million, and these expenditures generated a total of $25.949 million in economic activity for the province, $16.614 million of which...

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