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7.06 Parks and open spaces increase property value and tax revenue on adjacent land, and are often used as marketing features by developers

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  2. The Economic Impact of State Parks, Forests and Natural Resources under the Management of Department
    2011 - USA

    Consumer surpluses (quality of life benefits) in addition to their expenditures suggest that, in recent years, visitors to Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection managed venues derived...

    2006 - USA

    Charleston’s municipal trees are a valuable asset, providing approximately $185,834 or $12 per tree ($2/capita) in net annual benefits to the commu- nity. Over the years, Charleston has invested...

  4. The Environmental Benefits of Lethbridge Trees
    2011 - Canada

    Trees throughout the City provide a wide range of environmental benefits, including energy savings, carbon sequestration, storm water interception and improved air quality and property values.

  5. UK National Ecosystem Assessment
    2011 - England

    The benefits derived from the natural world and its constituent ecosystems are critically important to human well-being and economic prosperity, but are consistently undervalued in economic...

  6. Using GIS and landscape metrics in the hedonic price modeling of the amenity value of urban green sp
    2007 - China

    In 2007,  Landscape and Urban Planning reported that: ”   As expected, the results proved that the hedonic pricing model performed well using this approach, and accordingly it was further improved....

  7. The Economic Benefits of Parks and Open Space. How Land Conservation helps Communities Grow Smart an
    1999 - USA

    Instead of costing money, conserving open space as a smart growth strategy that can save communities money. Development is a tax liability for towns, not an asset, because you have to build schools...

  8. How Much Value Does the City of Philadelphia Receive from its Park and Recreation System?
    2008 - USA

    Increased property tax due to the increase in property value of certain residences because of their proximity to parks came to $18.1 million in fiscal year 2007.

    Sales tax receipts from tourism...

  9. Treating open space as an urban amenity
    2002 - USA

    Private open space (such as golf courses and private vacant land) has important influence on residential home values and as the stock of undeveloped land declined, the effect prices became...

  10. Green for green: The perceived value of a quantitative change in the urban tree estate of New Zealan
    2007 - New Zealand

    On average, households would be willing to pay around (2003) NZD 184 annually for the avoidance of a 20% reduction in their local urban tree estate, with the commitment covering a period of 3...

  11. The Economic Benefits of Land Conservation
    2007 - USA

    Parks and open space generate increased property tax revenue and yield a better return on investment than development. A strategy of conserving parks and open space is not contrary to a community’s...

  12. Economic Value of Protected Open Space in Southeastern Pennsylvania
    2010 - USA

    Protected open spaces add billions of dollars to the value of the region’s housing stock and millions of dollars in revenue to local governments in southeastern Pennsylvania.

  13. Spatial analysis of the amenity value of green open space
    2007 - USA

    Evergreen trees (e.g., conifer species) in a diverse landscape with fragmented forest patches and more complex and natural-looking forest edges are more highly valued in Rural–Urban Interfaces. In...

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