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7.06 Parks and open spaces increase property value and tax revenue on adjacent land, and are often used as marketing features by developers

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  2. [Canada] Property values, recreation values, and urban greenways
    2004 - Canada

    The effects of greenways are not always the same and benefits associated with particular greenways should not be assumed to be similar at other locations.

  3. [Canada] Economic Benefits of British Columbia’s Provincial Parks
    2002 - Canada

    British Columbia’s protected areas system continues to be a major source of economic activity for the province. These economic benefits are in addition to the primary value of the protected areas...

  4. [Canada] Ontario’s wealth, Canada’s future : Appreciating the value of the Greenbelt’s eco-services
    2008 - Canada

    In 2008, the David Suzuki Foundation reported that: " ..we are all directly dependent on the natural environment for the goods and services that ecosystems provide. These natural benefits include...

  5. [Canada] The Economic and Environmental Impact of Ornamental Horticulture on Canada’s Economy
    2009 - Canada

    The Canadian ornamental horticulture sector is a significant core part of Canadian agriculture generating $3.8 billion in employment income and another $850 million in end-user taxes. 

  6. [Canada] Documented Health and Environmental Benefits Derived from Ornamental Horticulture Products
    2007 - Canada

    The literature reviewed for this study clearly illustrates that there are significant benefits from ornamental horticulture, whether economic, environmental or lifestyle.

  7. [Canada] Ticket to the Future Phase 1: The Economic Impact of the Arts and Creative Industries in Winnipeg
    2009 - Canada

    The arts and creative industries account for $1 billion in economic activity in Winnipeg and employ about 25,000 people; that’s 6.3% of the city’s labour force or nearly enough people to fill...

  8. [Canada] The Environmental Benefits of Lethbridge Trees
    2011 - Canada

    Trees throughout the City provide a wide range of environmental benefits, including energy savings, carbon sequestration, storm water interception and improved air quality and property values.

  9. [Canada] Urban Forests: The Value of Trees in the City of Toronto
    2014 - Canada

    An investment in urban forests is an investment in the overall economic and environmental well-being of urban society. 

  10. [China] Recreation–amenity use and contingent valuation of urban greenspaces in Guangzhou, China
    2006 - China

    In 2006,  Landscape and Urban Planning reported that: ”  Parks were the most popular venues, whereas institutional greenspaces served as surrogate parks. Visitation is mainly induced by...

  11. [China] Using GIS and landscape metrics in the hedonic price modeling of the amenity value of urban green sp
    2007 - China

    In 2007,  Landscape and Urban Planning reported that: ”   As expected, the results proved that the hedonic pricing model performed well using this approach, and accordingly it was further improved....

  12. [England] Festivals and the creative region: the economic and social benefits of cultural festivals in the Eas
    2003 - England

    Arts festivals in the East Midlands are generating substantial wealth and employment.

  13. [England] West Midlands theatre: An economic success story
    2005 - England

    Theatre related expenditures include:

    • by theatre audiences: in particular food, transportation, and childcare costs
    • theatre staff, goods and services
    • subsistence allowances to...

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