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8.01 Green space protects habitat, biodiversity, and environmental integrity.

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  2. Canada’s Wealth of Natural Capital: Rouge National Park
    2012 - Canada

    Despite decades of sprawling development throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the Rouge and its surrounding watersheds have remained a vital ecological – and economic – resource that offers...

  3. The Real Wealth of the Mackenzie Region: Assessing the Natural Capital Values of a Northern Boreal E
    2010 - Canada

    The non-market value of the watershed, assessed as the potential value of 17 ecosystem services produced by the region, is estimated at $570.6 billion per year, an average of $3,426 per hectare -...

  4. Counting Canada’s Natural Capital: assessing the real value of canada’s boreal ecosystems
    2009 - Canada

    The total non-market value of boreal ecosystem services is 13.8 times greater than the net market value of boreal natural capital extraction - significantly greater than the market values derived...

  5. Trees Matter! Bringing Lasting Benefits to People in Towns
    2006 - England

    Trees and woods provide a whole range of multifunctional contributions to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

  6. Flamborough-Burlington Natural Capital Assessment of Ecosystem Service Values in the MTO West Corrid
    2011 - Canada

    Natural capital and the associated flow of ecosystem services are particularly valuable as a result of high quality natural features in close proximity to large urban populations who derive...

  7. UK National Ecosystem Assessment
    2011 - England

    The benefits derived from the natural world and its constituent ecosystems are critically important to human well-being and economic prosperity, but are consistently undervalued in economic...

  8. Benefits of a forested urban park: What is the value of Allan Gardens to the city of Toronto; Canada
    2011 - Canada

    Treed urban parks provide numerous social, environmental, and economic services of measurable value to a city. In Allan Gardens trees provided 26,326 USD in annual benefits ($16,665 environmental;...

  9. Quantifying the Greenhouse Gas Benefits of Urban Parks
    2008 - USA

    The expansion of green spaces in urban areas can reduce the energy use and CO2 emissions associated with water delivery by providing a medium for wastewater recycling and increased stormwater...

  10. Woodland as a setting for housing-appreciation and fear and the contribution to residential satisfac
    2007 - England

    Most urban dwellers need signs of caring human intervention in their immediate residential environment, in the form of cultivation of private gardens, overtly decorative public plantings and...

  11. Turning brownfields into green space in the City of Toronto
    2002 - Canada

    The Toronto “greening experience” makes it obvious that the redevelopment of brownfield sites constitutes a valuable opportunity for increasing green spaces in urban areas and, thus, bringing about...

  12. Landscape structure indices for assessing urban ecological networks
    2002 - USA

    An ecological network plan provides modest but important improvement in ecological systems in the Phoenix urban area. Notable improvement in ecological value can be achieved by implementing a...

  13. Temperature decreases in an urban canyon due to green walls and green roofs in diverse climates
    2006 - England

    The larger amounts of solar radiation a surface receives, the larger its temperature decreases are when it is covered with vegetation. "If applied to the whole city scale, raised urban temperatures...

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