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8.02 Green space improves air quality by removing pollutants from the air.

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  2. Local Parks Help Cool Down Urban Climate, German Researchers Find
    2013 - Germany

    Temperatures are half a degree lower in a park than in the adjacent heavily built-up neighbourhood.

  3. The Nature Conservancy - Dow Collaboration 2012 Progress Report
    2013 - USA

    Planting a forest to improve air quality may prove to be as cost-effective as expensive new pollution-control equipment and could bring recreational opportunities and increased property values to...

  4. Nearshore Natural Capital Valuation: Valuing the Aquatic Benefits of British Columbia’s Lower Mainla
    2012 - Canada

    The David Suzuki Foundation estimates the ecosystem services provided by BC's lower mainland at $30 billion to $60 billion in benefits annually .

  5. Canada’s Wealth of Natural Capital: Rouge National Park
    2012 - Canada

    Despite decades of sprawling development throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the Rouge and its surrounding watersheds have remained a vital ecological – and economic – resource that offers...

  6. A Healthy Dose of Green
    2012 - Canada

    A relatively modest investment in trees and forests can reap great rewards by reducing long term health care costs and increasing the health, well-being and productivity of current and future...

  7. The Real Wealth of the Mackenzie Region: Assessing the Natural Capital Values of a Northern Boreal E
    2010 - Canada

    The non-market value of the watershed, assessed as the potential value of 17 ecosystem services produced by the region, is estimated at $570.6 billion per year, an average of $3,426 per hectare -...

  8. Counting Canada’s Natural Capital: assessing the real value of canada’s boreal ecosystems
    2009 - Canada

    The total non-market value of boreal ecosystem services is 13.8 times greater than the net market value of boreal natural capital extraction - significantly greater than the market values derived...

  9. Greenspace and quality of life: a critical literature review
    2008 - Scotland

    Greenspaces provide significant health, social, community and environmental benefits and the literature which reports these benefits is growing.

    2006 - USA

    Charleston’s municipal trees are a valuable asset, providing approximately $185,834 or $12 per tree ($2/capita) in net annual benefits to the commu- nity. Over the years, Charleston has invested...

  11. Trees Matter! Bringing Lasting Benefits to People in Towns
    2006 - England

    Trees and woods provide a whole range of multifunctional contributions to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

  12. The Environmental Benefits of Lethbridge Trees
    2011 - Canada

    Trees throughout the City provide a wide range of environmental benefits, including energy savings, carbon sequestration, storm water interception and improved air quality and property values.

  13. Benefits of Green Space – Recent Research
    2011 - USA

    Healthy, properly maintained green space provides substantial benefits to the environment in terms of Erosion control/water purification, Air purification, Temperature modification/energy and cost...

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