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8.06 Arts, culture, and parks programs express the spirituality of the land and encourage stewardship ethics.

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  2. Who benefits from access to green space? A case study from Sheffield, UK
    2007 - England

    "Green spaces play an important role in supporting urban communities both ecologically and socially.”

  3. Spiritual revelation in wilderness under down-under
    2007 - USA

    Wilderness spirituality provides a feeling of connection and interrelationship with other people and nature; a heightened sense of awareness and elevated consciousness beyond the everyday and...

  4. Residents’ Use of Remnant Natural Vegetation
    2006 - USA

    Children are found to use very small areas with remnants of natural vegetation, even if the remaining vegetation is trivial, and subjected to severe wear and tear. Proximity to day nurseries,...

  5. The Riverside and Berwyn experience: Contrasts in landscape structure, perceptions of the urban land
    2005 - USA

    "Overall, respondents reported receiving a major to very major degree of benefit and only a minor to moderate degree of annoyance from the trees in their yards or immediate neighborhood. Woody...

  6. Greenway planning in the United States: Its origins and recent case studies
    2003 - USA

    Greenways protect ecologically significant natural systems, maintain bio-diversity and provide for wildlife migration. They provide people with extensive recreational opportunities in both urban...

  7. Assessing the restorative components of environments
    2003 - USA

    For urban settings, overall signs of setting care and a smooth ground surface composed of varied textures seem to enhance perceived restorative potential (PRP), while clutter, automobiles, lack of...

  8. Ancient values, new challenges: Indigenous spiritual perceptions of landscapes and forest management
    2005 - Canada

    The Cheam people derive not only material sustenance and cultural identity from the forest landscape, but also a feeling of inward, spiritual security and sustenance.

  9. Visions of nature and landscape type preferences: An exploration in the Netherlands
    2003 - Netherlands

    In rapidly urbanizing settings such as The Netherlands, new protective attitudes and a new longings for nature are rising to cultural dominance. Protecting and developing landscapes, irrespective...

  10. Tranquility and danger in urban and natural settings
    2006 - USA

    Tranquility was rated higher in natural than in urban settings, and the reverse was true for danger. The natural settings were rated higher on all variables except danger where the ratings were...

  11. Thriving Arts : Thriving Small Communities
    2006 - USA

    The arts help to instill self-discipline, teamwork, improved mental and physical health, as well as greater civic engagement. In addition to supporting basic academic skills, the arts contribute...

  12. The role of urban parks for the sustainable city
    2004 - Netherlands

    The experience of nature in urban environment is a source of positive feelings and beneficial services, which fulfill important immaterial and non-consumptive human needs.

  13. A Footprint of Delight: Exploring Sustainable Happiness
    2006 - Canada

    The top ten qualities of "delightful places" were:

    1. a pleasure to walk through,
    2. peaceful,
    3. beautiful,
    4. appealing for children,
    5. lots of visible green space,
    6. appealing for...

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