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  2. After-School Program Impact on Physical Activity and Fitness: A Meta-Analysis
    2009 - USA

    Limited evidence suggests that after-school programs can improve physical activity levels and other health-related aspects. Additional studies are required that provide greater attention to...

  3. The Benefits of Physical Activity: The Scientific Evidence
    2010 - USA

    Public park and recreation services are becoming part of the healthcare system of the United States and are now recognized as such. Close-to-home park and recreation resources result in more...

  4. Quality of Life and Identity: The Benefits of a Community-Based Therapeutic Recreation and Adaptive
    2005 - USA

    Participation in a community-based therapeutic recreation and adapted sports program positively influences quality of life, overall health, quality of family life, and quality of social life.

  5. Active Video Games: A Good Way to Exercise?
    2009 - Canada

    Several active video games provide significant levels of energy expenditure that can translate into positive health outcomes. They can also provide a high level of enjoyment, and this is...

  6. Prospective study of physical activity and physical function in early old age
    2005 - USA

    Participation in a physically active lifestyle during mid-life appears to be critical to the maintenance of high physical function in those who are fit and well enough to work and do or do not...

  7. The Human Relation With Nature and Technological Nature
    2009 - USA

    By adapting gradually to the loss of actual nature and to the increase of technological nature, humans will lower the baseline across generations for what counts as a full measure of the human...

  8. Physical Activity, Function, and Longevity Among the Very Old
    2009 - USA

    Among the very old, not only continuing but also initiating phyusical activity was associated with better survival and function.

  9. The Chicken Soup Effect: The Role of Recreation in Boosting Freshman Grade Point Average
    2011 - USA

    Investments in recreational opportunities for post-secondary students are complementary to the institution’s academic mission rather than a distraction from it.

  10. Use and Benefits of Local Government Recreation and Parks Services: An Ontario Perspective - Researc
    2009 - Canada

    People of means are better able to access recreation and aprks services, no matter who the provider. All recreation providers need to ensure that everyone shares in the benefits associated with...

  11. The Use and Benefits of Local Government Recreation and Parks Services: An Alberta Perspective on He
    2009 - Canada

    Visiting a nearby park had a positive effect on Albertans’ health, happiness, and overall life satisfaction; Participating in local government park and recreation activities had a positive impact...

  12. Promoting healthy lifestyles among adolescent boys: The Fitness Improvement and Lifestyle Awareness
    2009 - Australia

    This study verified the feasibility, acceptability and potential efficacy of a multifaceted school-based intervention to prevent unhealthy weight gain among adolescent boys.

  13. Humour as Therapeutic Play: Stress-Moderating Effects of Sense of Humour
    1996 - Canada

    A healthy and playful sense of humour may serve to protect people from the aversive effects of life stress. In particular, studies have found stress-moderating effects of sense of humour on both...

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