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  2. $1 Billion Recreation Spending in the Sagebrush Lands
    2014 - USA

    Protecting the sagebrush ecosystems in the western US will benefit local economies.

  3. A case for investing in arts, culture and heritage infrastructure. Prepared for British Columbia Min
    2007 - Canada

    A national survey on children and youth found that children who participate in organized activities outside of school, e.g., music, the arts or clubs, tend to have higher self esteem, interact...

  4. A Footprint of Delight: Exploring Sustainable Happiness
    2006 - Canada

    The top ten qualities of "delightful places" were:

    1. a pleasure to walk through,
    2. peaceful,
    3. beautiful,
    4. appealing for children,
    5. lots of visible green space,
    6. appealing for...

  5. A Healthy Dose of Green
    2012 - Canada

    A relatively modest investment in trees and forests can reap great rewards by reducing long term health care costs and increasing the health, well-being and productivity of current and future...

  6. A study of community design, greenness, and physical activity in children
    2012 - USA

    Children who were exposed to green spaces for more than 20 minutes a day engaged in nearly five times the daily rate of moderate to vigorous physical activity. Greenness exposure is positively...

  7. A tale of three greenway trails: User perceptions related to quality of life
    2000 - USA

    In a recent nationwide survey, conducted with state and local officials, the American Institute of Architects found that the availability of parks, and other open spaces, and urban sprawl were...

  8. Access to green areas and the frequency of visits – A case study in Helsinki
    2007 - Finland

    Contact with nature and active outdoor recreation on a regular basis have been found to improve health and well-being . Frequent physical activity is crucial for gaining health and well-being...

  9. Active Transportation for America: The Case for Increased Federal Investment in Bicycling and Walkin
    2008 - USA

    By making bicycling and walking—or “active transportation”—viable options for everyday travel, we can cost-effectively improve our mobility, protect our climate, enhance energy security and improve...

  10. Aggression and violence in the inner city: Effects of environment via mental fatigue
    2001 - USA

    Levels of aggression and violence were significantly lower among individuals who had some nearby nature outside their apartments than among their counterparts who lived in barren conditions.

  11. Air Quality Effects of Urban Parks and Trees
    2010 - USA

    Park trees can produce significant air quality effects at the local scale, both within and near parks, related to air temperatures, air pollution, ultraviolet radiation, and carbon dioxide....

  12. Ancient values, new challenges: Indigenous spiritual perceptions of landscapes and forest management
    2005 - Canada

    The Cheam people derive not only material sustenance and cultural identity from the forest landscape, but also a feeling of inward, spiritual security and sustenance.

  13. Art and Wellbeing: A Guide to the Connections between Community Cultural Development and Health, Eco
    2004 - Australia

    Direct involvement by communities in arts activity can contribute significantly to individual and community wellbeing and can enhance the efforts of government agencies in realizing their policies...

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