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1.01 Recreation helps extend life expectancy. (active living, fitness, sport)

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  2. Adolescent Exercise in Association with Mortality from All Causes
    2015 - USA

    Women who exercised or played sports as teens have a lower risk of premature death from cancer or any other cause later in life. 

  3. Connecting Canadians with Nature
    2014 - Canada

    Research confirms that deepening our relationship with the natural world has tremendous personal benefits that ripple positively out to every facet of society.

  4. Health Impact Assessment of Active Transportation
    2015 - Spain

    Active transportation provides substantial health benefits which strongly outweigh detrimental effects of traffic incidents and air pollution exposure on health.

  5. Walking Works
    2015 - England

    Walking makes people happy, keeps everyone healthy and can even save your life.

  6. Social Impacts of Culture and Sport
    2015 - England

      The review concludes that existing evidence demonstrates a diverse range of social benefits are derived from engagement with sport and culture, both for society generally and when used within...

  7. Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity and All-Cause Mortality
    2015 - Australia

    The study found an inverse dose-response relationship between proportion of vigorous activity and mortality.

  8. Midlife Fitness, Incident Cancer, and Survival After Cancer in Men
    2015 - USA

    The study found that higher levels of midlife cardiorespiratory fitness provide a mortality benefit into older age even in the setting of a cancer diagnosis.

  9. Australian Indigenous Youth’s Participation in Sport and Associated Health Outcomes
    2015 - Australia

    Indigenous youth who participate in sport are 3.5 times more likely to report good general health and 1.6 times more likely to have no probable serious mental illness.

  10. Co-benefits of Designing Communities for Active Living
    2015 - USA

    Designing communities that support physical activity is likely to produce a wide variety of additional benefits, ranging from mental health to environmental sustainability and economics.

  11. Reduction in all-cause Mortality from Walking and Cycling
    2014 - England

    The analysis shows that walking and cycling have population-level health benefits reducing the all-cause mortality risk by about 10%. 

  12. Walking, Obesity and Urban design in Chinese Neighborhoods
    2014 - USA

    Walkable urban design is tied to walking and cycling for commuting, non-commuting and exercise.

  13. Positive Affect and Health
    2015 - USA

    Researchers link experiencing positive emotions inspired by nature, art, and spirituality with the markers of good health. 

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