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1.06 Recreation helps prevent and treat site-specific cancers – especially in the colon, breast, and lungs. (active living, fitness, sport)

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  2. A Healthy Dose of Green
    2012 - Canada

    A relatively modest investment in trees and forests can reap great rewards by reducing long term health care costs and increasing the health, well-being and productivity of current and future...

  3. A prospective study of age-specific physical activity and premenopausal breast cancer
    2008 - USA

    “Leisure-time physical activity was associated with a reduced risk for pre-menopausal breast cancer in this cohort. Pre-menopausal women regularly engaging in high amounts of physical activity...

  4. A Walk a Day
    2008 - USA

    In 2008, the American Council on Exercise included research stating: ”  They found that those people who walked 30 minutes a day had a significantly lower risk of premature death than those who...

  5. Active for Life: A Call for Action. The Health Benefits of Physical Activity
    1998 - New Zealand

    All New Zealanders can improve their health and quality of life by including regular, moderate amounts of physical activity in their daily lives. The public health message has changed from an...

  6. Adolescent Exercise in Association with Mortality from All Causes
    2015 - USA

    Women who exercised or played sports as teens have a lower risk of premature death from cancer or any other cause later in life. 

  7. Associations between sport and screen-entertainment with mental health problems in 5-year-old childr
    2010 - England

    Findings suggest an association between sport and better mental health in young children.

  8. Benefits of Investing in Sport
    2003 - Canada

    Regular involvement in sport and active recreation has a great impact on the cardiovascular systems of participants, the development and course of diabetes, and reduces the risks of colon cancer,...

  9. Benefits of Physical Activity
    1996 - USA

    Regular participation in physical activity during childhood and adolescence:
    • Helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints.
    • Helps control weight, build lean muscle, and reduce...

  10. Better Late than Never! Physical Activity and Cancer
    2007 - Canada

    "Women who were lifelong exercisers had a 42 per cent decreased cancer risk when compared to non-exercisers. Even women who only became active after menopause experienced a 40 per cent reduced...

  11. Body Composition, Physical Fitness, Functional Performance, Quality of Life, and Fatigue Benefits of
    2011 - New Zealand

    Exercise can improve muscular endurance, aerobic endurance and overall quality of life, as well as reducing fatigue in prostate cancer patients.

  12. Body Mass Index, Physical Activity, and Bladder Cancer in a Large Prospective Study
    2008 - USA

    Compared with normal weight, obesity is associated with an up to 28% increased risk for bladder cancer.

  13. Combined impact of lifestyle factors on mortality: Prospective cohort study in US women
    2008 - England

    "Adherence to lifestyle guidelines is associated with markedly lower mortality in middle aged women. Both efforts to eradicate cigarette smoking and those to stimulate regular physical activity and...

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