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1.10 Leisure activities and parks are proven therapeutic tools used to maintain and/or restore physical, mental, and social capacities. (recreation, fitness, arts, culture, parks, and greenspace)

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  2. Economic Values of Metro Nature Health Benefits
    2015 - USA

    This article estimates the potential annual economic values of a set of urban nature benefits associated with epidemiology and public health  to range between $2.7 and $6.8 billion annually (USA). ...

  3. From the Inside Out to the Outside In
    2015 - Canada

    The study reveals increasing understanding of the positive relationships between park and protected area visitation and the associated health and well-being benefits to the visitors.

  4. Physical Activity and Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis
    2015 - Canada

    Children with multiple sclerosis (MS) who exercise regularly may have a less active disease.

  5. Connecting Canadians with Nature
    2014 - Canada

    Research confirms that deepening our relationship with the natural world has tremendous personal benefits that ripple positively out to every facet of society.

  6. Exercise as a Therapy in Adults With Multiple Sclerosis
    2015 - Australia

    Exercise improves walking speed and endurance in patients with multiple sclerosis. 

  7. Audio Therapy in Treatment of Children’s Postoperative Pain
    2015 - USA

    Listening to favourite tunes and stories can significantly decrease post-surgical pain in children undergoing major surgeries.

  8. Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Patients with Dementia
    2015 - Spain

    Aerobic physical exercise has a significant impact on improving cognitive functioning, behavior, and functional mobility in institutionalized individuals with dementia.

  9. It is About Being Outside
    2015 - Canada

    Canadian youth involved in this ethnographic study defined and visualized good health as "being outside" in a safe, clean, green and livable space. 

  10. Therapeutic Landscapes and Wellbeing in Later Life
    2015 - Canada

    Nature can promote the physical, mental, and social health of older adults.

  11. Walking Works
    2015 - England

    Walking makes people happy, keeps everyone healthy and can even save your life.

  12. Nature-based Experiences and Health of Cancer Survivors
    2004 - Canada

    This review contributes to a better understanding of the therapeutic effects of nature-based experiences on cancer survivor health. 

  13. Real-Time Associations Between Engaging in Leisure and Daily Health and Well-Being
    2015 - USA

    Participants in the study had more positive and less negative mood, more interest, less stress, and lower heart rate when engaging in leisure than when not.

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