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1.11 Recreation, fitness, sport, active living, and parks reduce obesity resulting in many health benefits.

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  2. Places to play: association of park space and facilities with healthy weight status among children.
    2008 - Canada

    Children with a park playground within 1 km were almost five times more likely to be classified as being of a healthy weight rather then at risk or overweight compared to those children without...

  3. A prospective examination of children’s time spent outdoors, objectively measured physical activity
    2008 - Australia

    Additional time spent outdoors during the cooler months was associated with increased moderate and vigorous physical activity. Encouraging 10-12-year-old children to spend more time outdoors may be...

  4. Does Participating in Physical Activity in Outdoor Natural Environments Have a Greater Effect on Phy
    2011 - England

    Activity in the presence of nature (green exercise) led to mental and physical health improvements. Some of the substantial mental health challenges facing society and physical challenges arising...

  5. Exercise improves executive function and achievement and alters brain activation in overweight child
    2011 - USA

     Besides its importance for maintaining weight and reducing health risks during a childhood obesity epidemic, physical activity may prove to be a simple, important method of enhancing aspects of...

  6. The Scientific Evidence Relating to the Impact of Recreation on Youth Development
    2010 - USA

    "Park and recreation department out of school time programs can make significant contributions in nine areas . They can:
    1 . contribute to reducing juvenile delinquency
    2 . contribute to...

  7. Perceptions of the environment, physical activity, and obesity
    2006 - USA

    Living in a convenient environment in which shops are in walking distance -  stimulates people to walk and access to leisure facilities stimulates engagement in sports and reduces the risk of...

  8. Active for Life: Final Results from the Translation of Two Physical Activity Programs
    2008 - USA

    Active Choices and ALED were successfully translated across a range of real-world settings. Study samples were substantially larger, more ethnically and economically diverse, and more...

  9. Effects of Exercise Training With Weighted Vests on Bone Turnover and Isokinetic Strength in Postmen
    2007 - USA

    Findings support the use of progressive exercise training using weighted vests in postmenopausal women.

  10. Follow the Trail Toward Improved Health
    2004 - USA

    70-90 percent of the trail users reported that they were exercising solely because of the presence of the trail nearby. According to Active Living Research, 43 percent of people with safe places to...

  11. A controlled trial of the health benefits of regular walking on a golf course
    2000 - USA

    Regular walking had many positive effects on the health and fitness of sedentary middle-aged men. Walking during a golf game is characterized by high adherence and low risk of injury and is thus a...

  12. Her life depends on it:  Sport, physical activity and the health and well-being of American girls
    2004 - USA

    Sport and physical activity provide conditions that help to assure girls’ health and well-being, including  reducing the risk of breast cancer, smoking, drug use, depression, suicide and sexual...

  13. Health and physical activity in Hong Kong – A review
    2001 - Hong Kong

    Overweight and obese individuals that are physically active and fit have lower disease and early death rates than overweight and obese individuals that are sedentary and unfit. Regular physical...

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