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1.11 Recreation, fitness, sport, active living, and parks reduce obesity resulting in many health benefits.

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  2. [Asia] Children’s Developmental Needs: A Review of Connection to Nature
    2015 - Asia

    Play and experience in the nature contributes to children’s cognitive, physical and social development, restores positive emotion, develops sense of place, empathy and care for nature, and...

  3. [Asia] Diet and PA based interventions in pregnancy on weight gain and outcomes
    2017 - Asia

    Diet and physical activity based interventions during pregnancy reduce gestational weight gain and lower the odds of caesarean section.


  4. [Australia] Promoting healthy lifestyles among adolescent boys: The Fitness Improvement and Lifestyle Awareness
    2009 - Australia

    This study verified the feasibility, acceptability and potential efficacy of a multifaceted school-based intervention to prevent unhealthy weight gain among adolescent boys.

  5. [Australia] The health benefits of contact with nature in a park context: A review of relevant literature. 2nd e
    2008 - Australia

    There are many and varied health effects to be derived from contact with nature, and, in urban environments in particular, experiencing nature through parks may be a vital component of human health.

  6. [Australia] A prospective examination of children’s time spent outdoors, objectively measured physical activity
    2008 - Australia

    Additional time spent outdoors during the cooler months was associated with increased moderate and vigorous physical activity. Encouraging 10-12-year-old children to spend more time outdoors may be...

  7. [Australia] The association between neighborhood greenness and weight status: an observational study in Perth We
    2013 - Australia

    Higher levels and greater variation of neighborhood greenness are associated with lower odds of obesity among adults of all ages.

  8. [Australia] Beyond Blue to Green
    2010 - Australia

    The report reviews existing Australian and international literature on the links between mental health and well-being and contact with nature.

  9. [Canada] What can sport do? The True Sport Report
    2008 - Canada

    Canada’s community sport system possesses a unique potential that we have only just begun to explore. The evidence also bears out Canadians’ fundamental belief that realizing this potential is...

  10. [Canada] Promoting the benefits of sport:  A collection of peer-reviewed journal articles and reports
    2005 - Canada

    Intercollegiate athletes have higher levels of self-esteem and approval motivation than non-athletes, are less liekly to engage in risky behaviour and are more likely to stay in school and have...

  11. [Canada] The 1998 Arctic Winter Games; A Study of Benefits of Participation
    1998 - Canada

    The Arctic Winter Games offer a venue where developing athletes from across the north meet to enhance their athletic skills and to share their respective cultures. The games provide athletic...

  12. [Canada] Rural Health Literature Review
    2008 - Canada

    There is a large body of evidence that physical activity is lower in rural populations compared to their urban counterparts. Those revious studies which found that rural populations are more active...

  13. [Canada] A Policy Blueprint for Canada’s Children
    1999 - Canada

    Some communities in Canada are blessed with an array of health and wellness services for all children: well-baby clinics, parent resource centres, child care, recreation, nutrition and prenatal...

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