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  2. The Canadian Assessment of Physical Literacy: Development of a Model of Children’s Capacity for Heal
    2015 - Canada

    The revised CAPL model (overlapping domains of physical competence, motivation, and knowledge, encompassed by dailybehavior) is appropriate for monitoring the physical literacy of children aged 8...

  3. The Canadian Assessment of Physical Literacy: methods for children in grades 4 to 6
    2015 - Canada

    CAPL offers a comprehensive assessment of engagement in physical activity, physical competence, motivation and confidence, and knowledge and understanding as components of childhood (grades 4 to 6,...

  4. Neighborhood Physical Environment and Early Child Health and Development
    2015 - Australia

    The presence of child relevant neighborhood destinations and services were positively associated with early child development domains of physical health and wellbeing and social competence.

  5. Connecting Canadians with Nature
    2014 - Canada

    Research confirms that deepening our relationship with the natural world has tremendous personal benefits that ripple positively out to every facet of society.

  6. Physical Activity and Cognitive Development in Early Childhood
    2015 - Canada

    This systematic review provides preliminary evidence that physical activity may have beneficial effects on cognitive development during early childhood.

  7. Active Mothers, Active Daughters
    2015 - Australia

    A number of maternal behaviors, social–cognitive and parenting correlates were found to be significantly associated with daughters’ physical activity. 

  8. Green Spaces and Cognitive Development in Primary Schoolchildren
    2015 - Spain

    This study found an improvement in cognitive development associated with surrounding greenness, particularly with greenness at schools. 

  9. The Biggest Risk is Keeping Kids Indoors
    2015 - Canada

    Access to active play in nature and outdoors—with its risks—is essential for healthy child development. The report recommends increasing children’s opportunities for self-directed play outdoors in...

  10. Children’s Developmental Needs: A Review of Connection to Nature
    2015 - Asia

    Play and experience in the nature contributes to children’s cognitive, physical and social development, restores positive emotion, develops sense of place, empathy and care for nature, and...

  11. Social Impacts of Culture and Sport
    2015 - England

      The review concludes that existing evidence demonstrates a diverse range of social benefits are derived from engagement with sport and culture, both for society generally and when used within...

  12. Teaching, Learning, and Play in the Outdoors
    2015 - Scotland

    Teachers evidenced that outdoor learning increases student engagement and enhances educational experience.

  13. Physical Fitness and Academic Performance in Youth
    2014 - Spain

    Cardiorespiratory capacity and motor ability, both independently and combined, have a beneficial influence on academic performance in youth.

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