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2.02 Leisure activities provide opportunities for adults to develop their full and holistic potential (physical, social, creative, intellectual, and spiritual). (recreation, sport, arts, culture)

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  2. [English] Culture and Economic Competitiveness: An Emerging Role for the Arts in Canada
    2002 - Canada

    In 2002, Canada West Foundation research reviewed and considered studies from around the world to identify the following benefits from arts and culture. Benefits reported are: 1. Improves mental...

  3. [English] Benefits of Investing in Sport
    2003 - Canada

    Regular involvement in sport and active recreation has a great impact on the cardiovascular systems of participants, the development and course of diabetes, and reduces the risks of colon cancer,...

  4. [English] Culture East Midlands: How Cultural Activity is Supporting Health and Well-Being in the East Midland
    2006 - England

    A cultural life – is essential to human health and well-being, since it is the basis of personal identity and social participation.  While some cultural activities, such as sport and dance, have...

  5. [English] Arts and culture in medicine and health: A survey research paper
    2005 - Canada

    Arts and culture have important contributions to make to at least seven of the twelve determinants of health defined by Health Canada. Research in the United Kingdom and the United States is...

  6. [English] A conceptual model of leisure and spiritual well-being
    2002 - Canada

    The proposed model of leisure and spiritual well-being suggests that leisure experiences, which involve an interplay of time, activity, motivation and setting, have the potential to provide...

  7. [English] Food and park environments: Neighborhood-level risks for childhood obesity in East Los Angeles
    2006 - USA

    There is growing evidence to link the built environment with chronic health conditions among adults. For example, physical inactivity has been found to significantly contribute to a number of...

  8. [English] Art and Wellbeing: A Guide to the Connections between Community Cultural Development and Health, Eco
    2004 - Australia

    Direct involvement by communities in arts activity can contribute significantly to individual and community wellbeing and can enhance the efforts of government agencies in realizing their policies...

  9. [English] A Literature Review of the Evidence Base for Culture, the Arts and Sport Policy
    2004 - Scotland

    Scotland’s Centre for Cultural Policy review of the social and economic impacts of culture, the arts and sport provided robust research evidence, both national and international, on the reduction...

  10. [English] Mapping the terrain of contemporary ecoart practice and collaboration
    2006 - Canada

    The arts can facilitate learning through the engaged senses, bypassing conditioned patterns of thinking and allowing other ways of knowing to come forward.

  11. [English] Enhancing Cultural Capital: The arts and community development in Winnipeg
    2005 - Canada

    Art offers an alternative way to express feelings and thoughts and provides experiential learning, play learning, a hands-on education that translates no matter the literacy level of the...

  12. [English] Thriving Arts : Thriving Small Communities
    2006 - USA

    The arts help to instill self-discipline, teamwork, improved mental and physical health, as well as greater civic engagement. In addition to supporting basic academic skills, the arts contribute...

  13. [English] Learning, Arts, and the Brain: The Dana Consortium Report on Arts and Cognition
    2008 - USA

    Arts training is associated with higher academic performance because it leads to a high state of motivation, increases the ability to manipulate information in both working and long-term memory and...

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