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2.02 Leisure activities provide opportunities for adults to develop their full and holistic potential (physical, social, creative, intellectual, and spiritual). (recreation, sport, arts, culture)

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  2. [Jan 23 2017] Sport Participation and Academic Performance in Higher Education
    2017 - Spain

    Participation in formal sporting activities is associated with higher grades among university students. 

  3. [Dec 27 2016] Running—It Does the Brain Good
    2016 - USA

    In this study the runners showed greater function connectivity within several areas of the brain, including the frontal cortex, where cognitive functions like planning, decision-making and the...

  4. [Jul 21 2015] Connecting Canadians with Nature
    2014 - Canada

    Research confirms that deepening our relationship with the natural world has tremendous personal benefits that ripple positively out to every facet of society.

  5. [Oct 21 2014] Beyond Blue to Green
    2010 - Australia

    The report reviews existing Australian and international literature on the links between mental health and well-being and contact with nature.

  6. [Jun 24 2014] The Positive Effect of Walking on Creative Thinking
    2014 - USA

    Whether one is outdoors or on a treadmill, walking improves the generation of novel yet appropriate ideas, and the effect extends to when people sit down to do their creative work shortly after...

  7. [Sep 19 2011] Greenspace and quality of life: a critical literature review
    2008 - Scotland

    Greenspaces provide significant health, social, community and environmental benefits and the literature which reports these benefits is growing.

  8. [Sep 09 2011] Social Relationships and Mortality Risk: A Meta-analytic Review
    2010 - USA

    The influence of social relationships on the risk of death are comparable with well-established risk factors for mortality such as smoking and alcohol consumption and exceed the influence of other...

  9. [Jun 02 2011] UK National Ecosystem Assessment
    2011 - England

    The benefits derived from the natural world and its constituent ecosystems are critically important to human well-being and economic prosperity, but are consistently undervalued in economic...

  10. [Apr 15 2011] Creating Community: Celebrations, Arts and Wellbeing Within and Across Local Communities
    2006 - Australia

    The arts and other forms of creativity can have diffuse and quite profound social outcomes in the contemporary world. They can generate a deeper sense of place that contextualizes a local sense of...

  11. [Apr 15 2011] Indigenous Cultural Festivals: Evaluating Impact on Community Health and Wellbeing
    2010 - Australia

    Whatever scale they operate at, festivals support communities in their efforts to maintain and renew themselves through the celebration of culture. Indigenous festivals are a leading space of...

  12. [Jan 05 2011] Benefits of Music: Listings from the Impact Database

    This listing from the Impact Database provides listings of both published and grey literature on the social and economic impact of music participation and the music industry.

  13. [Dec 22 2010] Leisure-time physical activity in late adolescence: A chohort study of stability, correlates and fam
    2001 - USA

    "Physically active adolescents seem to progress to a healthier and more educated life. Adolescents approaching the completion of their compulsory education and thus the end of their systematic...

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