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2.03 Recreation, sport, arts and leisure contribute to academic success and provide exceptional opportunities for life-long learning

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  2. [Jan 23 2017] Sport Participation and Academic Performance in Higher Education
    2017 - Spain

    Participation in formal sporting activities is associated with higher grades among university students. 

  3. [Dec 06 2016] Physical Activity, Sedentary Time, and Academic Achievement in Children
    2016 - Finland

    Lower levels of physical activity and higher levels of sedentary time and particularly their combination were related to poorer reading skills in boys.

  4. [Dec 05 2016] Are Canadian kids too tired to move?
    2016 - Canada

    The report urges Canadians to create policies, strategies, and facilities and re-establish year-round outdoor play, transportation, recreation and sport as norms.

  5. [Sep 06 2016] Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth
    2016 - Canada

    The guidelines provide evidence-informed recommendations for a healthy day (24 h), comprising a combination of sleep, sedentary behaviours, light-, moderate-, and vigorous-intensity physical...

  6. [Jul 11 2016] Student Outcomes and Natural Schooling
    2016 - England

    Outdoor learning has a positive impact on children's behaviour, social skills, health and wellbeing, resilience, confidence and sense of place.

  7. [Feb 24 2016] Physically Active Math and Language Lessons Improve Academic Achievement
    2016 - Netherlands

    Physically active academic lessons significantly improved mathematics and spelling performance of elementary school children. 

  8. [Feb 16 2016] Impact of Views to School Landscapes on Recovery from Stress and Mental Fatigue
    2016 - USA

    The study demonstrates that classroom views to green landscapes cause significantly better performance on tests of attention and increase recovery from stressful experiences in high school...

  9. [Nov 02 2015] The Benefits of Music Education
    2014 - Canada

    Music study leads to lasting changes in children’s brains, increasing their capacity to perform tasks that require sustained attention and careful listening and reading.

  10. [Jul 21 2015] Physical Activity and Cognitive Development in Early Childhood
    2015 - Canada

    This systematic review provides preliminary evidence that physical activity may have beneficial effects on cognitive development during early childhood.

  11. [Jun 17 2015] Green Spaces and Cognitive Development in Primary Schoolchildren
    2015 - Spain

    This study found an improvement in cognitive development associated with surrounding greenness, particularly with greenness at schools. 

  12. [Mar 23 2015] Teaching, Learning, and Play in the Outdoors
    2015 - Scotland

    Teachers evidenced that outdoor learning increases student engagement and enhances educational experience.

  13. [Feb 19 2015] Physical Fitness and Academic Performance in Youth
    2014 - Spain

    Cardiorespiratory capacity and motor ability, both independently and combined, have a beneficial influence on academic performance in youth.

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