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2.04 Parks, green space, and natural environments provide a spiritual space and experience

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  2. Beyond Blue to Green
    2010 - Australia

    The report reviews existing Australian and international literature on the links between mental health and well-being and contact with nature.

  3. Canadian Nature Survey
    2012 - Canada

    Nature-based activities make a significant contribution to the national economy and individual Canadians’ quality of life.

  4. Health Benefits of Non-Motorized Outdoor Recreation
    2014 - Canada

    There is strong evidence indicating that outdoor recreation as well as simply being present in a natural setting improve physical health.

  5. Comparison of the physiological and psychological benefits of tree and tower climbing
    2006 - Japan

    More tension, confusion, and fatigue were experienced when climbing a tower than when climbing a tree. Moreover, there was an increase in vitality while tree climbing, whereas the opposite occurred...

  6. Wilderness: A place for ethical inquiry
    2000 - USA

    Wilderness affords a timelessness and permanence that can be a model for students. They typically come away from the wilderness trip with a new or at least renewed sense of their own capability and...

  7. Ecospirituality: A pattern that connects
    2000 - USA

    "Ecospirituality can be viewed as a pattern that is both a process as well as a manifestation of the human field in relationship with the environmental field. This relationship is a continuous...

  8. The spiritual dimension of wilderness
    2006 - USA

    The manifestation of spirituality in the wilderness concept both reflects the unmet needs of our urban, utilitarian, commodity-driven culture, and reveals some archetypal part of us that this...

  9. Restorative experience, self-regulation, and children’s place preferences
    2002 - Finland

    More than one-quarter (27%) of all the children in the sample, aged from 8 to 13, reported that they went to their favorite place both after emotionally challenging events and for cognitive...

  10. The effects of wilderness settings on organized groups: A state-of-knowledge paper
    2000 - USA

    ” ... wilderness seems to intensify and focus personal efforts, which produces a positive impact on group development and increases the social integration ......helping participants come together...

  11. The nature of the view from home - Psychological benefits
    2001 - USA

    At work, staff with nature views reported fewer ailments and showed greater job satisfaction. They report feeling less frustrated and more patient, found their job more challenging, expressed...

  12. The Spiritual Benefits of Leisure
    2009 - Canada

    Significant positive relationships were found between spiritual well-being and overall leisure activity participation, as well as, engagement in the leisure activity categories of personal...

  13. Wilderness therapy and spirituality
    2008 - USA

    Spirituality is a function of wilderness therapy that allowed the students to develop introspection, community engagement and lived practices that promote wellness. This was emphasized by the theme...

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