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2.04 Parks, green space, and natural environments provide a spiritual space and experience

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  2. [English] Greenspace and Quality of Life: A Critical Literature Review (Research Report)
    2008 - Scotland

    Greenspace has positive effects on health and physical exercise which promotes wellbeing and recovery from stress disorders, promotes wellbeing of the individual thru social cohesion and the...

  3. [English] A conceptual model of leisure and spiritual well-being
    2002 - Canada

    The proposed model of leisure and spiritual well-being suggests that leisure experiences, which involve an interplay of time, activity, motivation and setting, have the potential to provide...

  4. [English] Can the Arts Change the World? The Transformative Power of Community Arts
    2007 - USA

    Community arts offer many positive impacts to communities and have transformative powers for social change.  Through the arts, people can deal with harsh realities and transform them through the...

  5. [English] Health, place and nature: How outdoor environments influence health and well-being
    2007 - England

    People with access to nearby nature are generally healthier than those without, mental health is generally better in rural rather than urban areas, and populations in urban areas with gardens and...

  6. [English] The Benefits of Parks: Why America Needs More City Parks and Open Space
    2006 - USA

    "People who engage in regular physical activity benefit from reduced risk of premature death; reduced risk of coronary heart disease, hypertension, colon cancer, and non-insulin-dependent diabetes;...

  7. [English] Contested views of freedom and control: Children, teenagers and urban fringe woodlands in Central Sc
    2003 - Scotland

    For many children and young people, a close relationship with the countryside, woodland, forest or “nature” is important but complex.  If children miss out on their ‘earth period’ they may lose...

  8. [English] Environmental socialization: Quantitative tests of the childhood play hypothesis
    2002 - USA

    Childhood play influences later interest in wildlands, environmental preferences, outdoor recreation activities, and occupations in outdoor environments.

  9. [English] The effects of wilderness settings on organized groups: A state-of-knowledge paper
    2000 - USA

    ” ... wilderness seems to intensify and focus personal efforts, which produces a positive impact on group development and increases the social integration ......helping participants come together...

  10. [English] A qualitative exploration of the wilderness experience as a source of spiritual inspiration
    1999 - USA

    Recreational experiences in a wilderness setting have the distinct potential to positively enrich the lives of those who take to the ‘wild’. The beneficial aspects of wilderness recreation include...

  11. [English] Wilderness: A place for ethical inquiry
    2000 - USA

    Wilderness affords a timelessness and permanence that can be a model for students. They typically come away from the wilderness trip with a new or at least renewed sense of their own capability and...

  12. [English] Men’s wilderness experience and spirituality: A qualitative study
    2006 - Canada

    "The wilderness setting was helpful to spiritual well-being, for a variety of reasons ...  most common answers was that the wilderness setting provided an opportunity to get away from the everyday...

  13. [English] A model of leisure style and spiritual well-being relationships
    2002 - Canada

    This model of leisure style and spiritual well-being illustrates a chain of direct relationships which links leisure style components to leisure style processes to spiritual behaviours to...

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