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2.04 Parks, green space, and natural environments provide a spiritual space and experience

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  2. [Oct 21 2014] Beyond Blue to Green
    2010 - Australia

    The report reviews existing Australian and international literature on the links between mental health and well-being and contact with nature.

  3. [Jun 09 2014] Canadian Nature Survey
    2012 - Canada

    Nature-based activities make a significant contribution to the national economy and individual Canadians’ quality of life.

  4. [May 31 2014] Health Benefits of Non-Motorized Outdoor Recreation
    2014 - Canada

    There is strong evidence indicating that outdoor recreation as well as simply being present in a natural setting improve physical health.

  5. [Dec 22 2010] Comparison of the physiological and psychological benefits of tree and tower climbing
    2006 - Japan

    More tension, confusion, and fatigue were experienced when climbing a tower than when climbing a tree. Moreover, there was an increase in vitality while tree climbing, whereas the opposite occurred...

  6. [Dec 22 2010] Wilderness: A place for ethical inquiry
    2000 - USA

    Wilderness affords a timelessness and permanence that can be a model for students. They typically come away from the wilderness trip with a new or at least renewed sense of their own capability and...

  7. [Dec 22 2010] Ecospirituality: A pattern that connects
    2000 - USA

    "Ecospirituality can be viewed as a pattern that is both a process as well as a manifestation of the human field in relationship with the environmental field. This relationship is a continuous...

  8. [Dec 22 2010] The spiritual dimension of wilderness
    2006 - USA

    The manifestation of spirituality in the wilderness concept both reflects the unmet needs of our urban, utilitarian, commodity-driven culture, and reveals some archetypal part of us that this...

  9. [Dec 22 2010] Restorative experience, self-regulation, and children’s place preferences
    2002 - Finland

    More than one-quarter (27%) of all the children in the sample, aged from 8 to 13, reported that they went to their favorite place both after emotionally challenging events and for cognitive...

  10. [Dec 22 2010] The effects of wilderness settings on organized groups: A state-of-knowledge paper
    2000 - USA

    ” ... wilderness seems to intensify and focus personal efforts, which produces a positive impact on group development and increases the social integration ......helping participants come together...

  11. [Dec 22 2010] The nature of the view from home - Psychological benefits
    2001 - USA

    At work, staff with nature views reported fewer ailments and showed greater job satisfaction. They report feeling less frustrated and more patient, found their job more challenging, expressed...

  12. [Dec 22 2010] The Spiritual Benefits of Leisure
    2009 - Canada

    Significant positive relationships were found between spiritual well-being and overall leisure activity participation, as well as, engagement in the leisure activity categories of personal...

  13. [Dec 22 2010] Wilderness therapy and spirituality
    2008 - USA

    Spirituality is a function of wilderness therapy that allowed the students to develop introspection, community engagement and lived practices that promote wellness. This was emphasized by the theme...

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