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3.01 Leisure activities build self-esteem and positive self-image – foundations to personal quality of life. (recreation, sport, arts and culture).

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  2. Creating Community: Celebrations, Arts and Wellbeing Within and Across Local Communities
    2006 - Australia

    The arts and other forms of creativity can have diffuse and quite profound social outcomes in the contemporary world. They can generate a deeper sense of place that contextualizes a local sense of...

  3. Indigenous Cultural Festivals: Evaluating Impact on Community Health and Wellbeing
    2010 - Australia

    Whatever scale they operate at, festivals support communities in their efforts to maintain and renew themselves through the celebration of culture. Indigenous festivals are a leading space of...

  4. The Scientific Evidence Relating to the Impact of Recreation on Youth Development
    2010 - USA

    "Park and recreation department out of school time programs can make significant contributions in nine areas . They can:
    1 . contribute to reducing juvenile delinquency
    2 . contribute to...

  5. Sports for Children With ADHD. Recreation can enhance the lives of children with ADHD
    2006 - USA

    Some of the benefits of sport participation for children with ADHD include a decrease in risky behaviors and increased integration into social settings, help to increase peer relations, which are...

  6. Outcomes of an after-school soccer program for at-risk youth
    2008 - USA

    Participation in after school recreational activities can lead to higher grades and positive academic-related social behaviors, which can lead to a more beneficial learning environment for all....

  7. How the Arts Can Enhance After-School Programs
    2002 - USA

    "Students involved in sustained theater arts (scene study, acting techniques, dramatic or musical theater production) often show gains not only in reading proficiency, but also in self-control and...

  8. Perceptions of the environment, physical activity, and obesity
    2006 - USA

    Living in a convenient environment in which shops are in walking distance -  stimulates people to walk and access to leisure facilities stimulates engagement in sports and reduces the risk of...

  9. Active for Life: Final Results from the Translation of Two Physical Activity Programs
    2008 - USA

    Active Choices and ALED were successfully translated across a range of real-world settings. Study samples were substantially larger, more ethnically and economically diverse, and more...

  10. Physical Activity and Senior Games Participation: Benefits, Constraints, and Behaviors
    2009 - USA

    Older adults who were most active perceived the most benefits from senior games but did not necessarily have the fewest constraints. This study of NCSG as an organization designed to promote...

  11. A Miracle in the Outfield: The Benefits of Participation in Organized Baseball Leagues for Children
    2009 - USA

    Parents of children with disabilities believe participation in sport activities enhances motor and psychosocial skills and that participation has a positive impact on the entire family unit.

  12. Self-concept, attitude and satisfaction. Benefits of outdoor adventure activities: the case for recr
    1995 - Canada

    Following participation in a kayak program, the group mean score increased to reflect enhanced feelings of self-worth, confidence, physical appearance, feelings of adequacy, and a sense of improved...

  13. Out-of-School Time-Use During Middle Childhood in a Low-Income Sample: Do Combinations of Activities
    2004 - USA

    Participation in a combination of structured activities considered (sports, lessons, and clubs) is consistently significantly associated with benefits for children — children in this group scored...

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