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3.01 Leisure activities build self-esteem and positive self-image – foundations to personal quality of life. (recreation, sport, arts and culture).

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  2. [Feb 12 2017] Guide and Scout Participation, Childhood Social Position and Mental Health at Age 50
    2017 - Scotland

    Youth programmes that support resilience and social mobility through developing the potential for self-reliance and collaboration in natural environments may be protective of mental health in...

  3. [Dec 14 2015] Quality of Life Differences across Commuting Models
    2015 - Australia

    The study revealed higher self-reported quality of life and health satisfaction in bicycle commuters compared with all other travel mode users (public transport, car users, and walkers). 

  4. [Oct 19 2015] Organized Sports and Quality of Life in People With Neurologic Disabilities
    2015 - Sweden

    Adults with a spinal cord injury who engaged in organized sports reported decreased depression and anxiety, increased life satisfaction, and increased opportunity for gainful employment compared...

  5. [Apr 21 2015] Social Impacts of Culture and Sport
    2015 - England

      The review concludes that existing evidence demonstrates a diverse range of social benefits are derived from engagement with sport and culture, both for society generally and when used within...

  6. [Mar 28 2015] Impact of Sports and Recreation Participation on Psychosocial Outcomes in Disabled Veterans
    2015 - USA

    Participation in adaptive sports, exercise, and recreation has a positive influence on self-esteem and quality-of-life in individuals with disabilities.

  7. [Oct 21 2014] Beyond Blue to Green
    2010 - Australia

    The report reviews existing Australian and international literature on the links between mental health and well-being and contact with nature.

  8. [May 07 2014] The Social Benefits of Sport
    2013 - Scotland

    Sport improves physical and mental health and reduces health care costs. It also reduces anti-social behaviour.

  9. [May 07 2014] The Canadian Summer Camp Research Project
    2011 - Canada

    Camp programs help kids in five key areas of development, including social integration and citizenship, environmental awareness, attitudes towards physical activity, emotional intelligence, and...

  10. [Dec 19 2013] Creative Economy Report 2013: Widening Local Development Pathways
    2013 - USA

    In addition to economic benefits, the creative economy also contributes significantly to inclusive social development, dialogue and understanding between people.

  11. [Oct 24 2013] What is the Best Dose of Nature and Green Exercise for Improving Mental Health?
    2010 - England

    This study shows positive returns from short engagements in green exercise and confirms that the environment provides an important health service.

  12. [Nov 21 2012] Psychosocial Outcomes of Sport Participation in Young Adult Cancer Survivors
    2012 - Canada

    Young adult cancer survivors that participated in sports had better psychosocial outcomes including improved physical and mental quality of life, higher self-esteem, lower depression and stress...

  13. [Oct 24 2012] The Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Psychosocial Functioning of Adolescents Who Are Overweight or Obe
    2012 - Canada

    Teens who exercise even a little report higher self-esteem: improvements in body image, perceived academic performance and social competence.

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