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3.02 Leisure activities and parks enhance personal life satisfaction. (recreation, fitness, sport, arts, culture, parks, and greenspace)

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  2. [English] Culture and Economic Competitiveness: An Emerging Role for the Arts in Canada
    2002 - Canada

    In 2002, Canada West Foundation research reviewed and considered studies from around the world to identify the following benefits from arts and culture. Benefits reported are: 1. Improves mental...

  3. [English] Greenspace and Quality of Life: A Critical Literature Review (Research Report)
    2008 - Scotland

    Greenspace has positive effects on health and physical exercise which promotes wellbeing and recovery from stress disorders, promotes wellbeing of the individual thru social cohesion and the...

  4. [English] Literature Review on Learning through Recreation (Discussion Paper No. F|15)
    2001 - Canada

    The presence of good parks, playgrounds and play spaces in a neighbourhood is strongly associated with increased rates of participation in supervised sports and the arts and has a positive...

  5. [English] Learning through Recreation (Data Analysis and Review)
    2001 - Canada

    Youth organized and structured recreational activity is an important element in their development, possible later civic competence and likelihood of participating in community life.


  6. [English] Does the outdoor environment matter for psychological restoration gained through running?
    2003 - Canada

    Runners preferred the park over the urban environment and perceived it as more psychologically restorative. Running produced changes such as a significant decline in anxiety/depression and anger...

  7. [English] Increasing the utility of urban environmental quality information
    2003 - Australia

    Environmental Quality Specialists have an important role in providing tools that can measure and compare, both in sum total, and distributively across different groups, the environmental quality...

  8. [English] Public parks and physical activity among adolescent girls
    2006 - USA

    Adolescent girls who live near more parks, particularly near those with amenities that are conducive to walking and with active features, engage in more nonschool metabolic equivalent–weighted...

  9. [English] The natural environment as a playground for children: Landscape description and analyses of a natura
    2000 - Norway

    There is a positive relation between play activities and the diversity in vegetation types. Through all-round playing and exploring the natural playscape, the children’s motor skills were improved....

  10. [English] Environmental and social correlates of physical activity in neighborhood parks: An observational stu
    2007 - USA

    Physical inactivity is associated with numerous negative health outcomes. Public neighborhood parks represent viable community spaces for promoting population-wide increases in physical activity.

  11. [English] Inequality in the built environment underlies key health disparities in physical activity and obesit
    2005 - USA

    In 2006, Pediatrics reported on a study that shows that : ”  ...availability alone is associated with a significant increase in bouts of PA and decreased overweight. These findings suggest that a...

  12. [English] A conceptual model of leisure and spiritual well-being
    2002 - Canada

    The proposed model of leisure and spiritual well-being suggests that leisure experiences, which involve an interplay of time, activity, motivation and setting, have the potential to provide...

  13. [English] A Literature Review of the Evidence Base for Culture, the Arts and Sport Policy
    2004 - Scotland

    Scotland’s Centre for Cultural Policy review of the social and economic impacts of culture, the arts and sport provided robust research evidence, both national and international, on the reduction...

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