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3.03 Leisure activities and parks enhance perceived/actual quality of life and place for individuals, families, and communities. (recreation, sport, arts, culture, parks and greenspace)

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  2. Effects of Recreation Services Offered by Local Government on Quality of Life
    2012 - Canada

    Feelings of dissatisfaction, stress, challenge, immobility, deprivation from creativity and alienation  can be mitigated by means of leisure time behaviors and the leisure time and recreation...

  3. Effects of a Leisure Programme on Quality of Life and Stress of Individuals with ASD
    2010 - Spain

    Participation in recreation activities can positively influence the stress and quality of life of adults with autism spectrum disorder.

  4. Well Into Older Age - Age & Opportunity and the Evidence
    2010 - Ireland
    • Promoting increased physical activity among older people leads to physical and psychological health benefits, and this can lead to substantial savings in health and long-term care costs;
    • ...
  5. The role of grassroots arts activities in communities: a scoping study
    2011 - England

    Grass roots arts activities promote personal and community development, and have a positive educational impact on the majority of students.

  6. Knight Soul of the Community 2010
    2010 - USA

    This study provides empirical evidence that the drivers that create emotional bonds between people and their community are consistent in virtually every city and can be reduced to just a few...

  7. The economic benefits of reducing physical inactivity: An Australian example
    2011 - Australia

    Opportunity cost savings and health benefits conservatively estimated from a reduction in population-level physical inactivity may be substantial. The largest savings will benefit individuals in...

  8. Greenspace and quality of life: a critical literature review
    2008 - Scotland

    Greenspaces provide significant health, social, community and environmental benefits and the literature which reports these benefits is growing.

  9. Neighborhood green, social support, physical activity, and stress: Assessing the cumulative impact
    2011 - USA

    Different components of neighborhood green play distinct roles in influencing health and well-being. Park spaces are found to indirectly mitigate stress by fostering social support.  Neighborhood...

  10. Playgrounds Increase Sense Of Family Well-Being
    2011 - USA

    The more time a family spends together at a community playground, the greater their sense of family well-being.

  11. Community benefits of major sport facilities: The Darebin International Sports Centre
    2011 - Australia

    From a user perspective, DISC provides an extensive range of noneconomic benefits such as increased accessibility, exposure, participation and success. The majority of facility users stated that...

  12. Our City, Ourselves: A Cultural Landscape Assessment of Kelowna, British Columbia
    2011 - Canada

    Culture is no longer simply a mirror that reflects who we are, but also a tool that can help us achieve the goals of a community.  Whether considering the input, supply, outcome or the three types...

  13. Creating Community: Celebrations, Arts and Wellbeing Within and Across Local Communities
    2006 - Australia

    The arts and other forms of creativity can have diffuse and quite profound social outcomes in the contemporary world. They can generate a deeper sense of place that contextualizes a local sense of...

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