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4.02 Leisure activities help reduce incidence of crime – particularly among youth. (recreation, sport, arts, culture)

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  2. Effect of a Structured Arts Program on the Psychosocial Functioning of Youth From Low-Income Communi
    2006 - Canada

    Students involved in school-based arts programs demonstrated increased creativity, lower dropout rates, increased social skills, and higher academic achievement. Students from low socioeconomic...

  3. Wilderness challenge programs for delinquent youth: A meta-analysis of outcome evaluations
    2000 - USA

    Programs involving relatively intense physical activities and therapeutic enhancements such as individual counseling, family therapy, and therapeutic group sessions appear to be especially...

  4. The effects of wilderness settings on organized groups: A state-of-knowledge paper
    2000 - USA

    ” ... wilderness seems to intensify and focus personal efforts, which produces a positive impact on group development and increases the social integration ......helping participants come together...

  5. The Health Benefits of Parks: How Parks Help Keep Americans and Their Communities Fit and Healthy
    2006 - USA

    Exposure to nature in parks, gardens, and natural area can improve individual and social health. 

  6. After-School Programs Alter Lives of At-Risk Youth. Park and recreation department-sponsored program
    2005 - USA

    After-school programs have been proven in a variety of research studies to decrease juvenile crime and violence, reduce drug use, cut smoking and alcohol abuse, and decrease teen pregnancy....

  7. Demonstration Project to Test Benefits Based Programming Principles on Recreation Delivery Systems
    2000 - USA

    Overall, the demonstration programs in the five cities revealed very strong and positive results suggesting that the Benefits Based Programming approach to recreation programming has a significant...

  8. Teens and sports: The perfect combination?
    2001 - USA

    Teen athletes are less likely to use illicit drugs, smoke or to be suicidal. Female athletes have more positive body images. and are more likely to wear seatbelts.

    2002 - England

    "The most compelling evidence of impact of museums, archives and libraries was found to be in the areas of personal development, such as:
    • Acquisition of skills;
    • Trying new experiences;

  10. Strengthening Canada: The Socio-economic benefits of sport participation in Canada
    2005 - Canada

    Survey respondents rated seven major types of benefits of sport: physical fitness and health gains; fun, recreation and relaxation; sense of achievement; opportunities for family or household...

  11. Scientific Research Supports Recreation for Children Living in Poverty
    2000 - Canada

    Offering recreational services helps psychologically disordered children on welfare maintain their social, physical and academic competence at a level equal to that of a non-disordered child....

  12. Environment and crime in the inner city: Does vegetation reduce crime?
    2001 - USA

    Residential vegetation has been linked with a greater sense of safety, fewer incivilities, and less aggressive and violent behavior.

  13. Primal hypotheses: The relationship between naturalness, solitude, and the wilderness experience ben
    2000 - USA

    Programs operating in wilderness or comparable settings may be effective in creating well functioning and integrative groups with problem solving abilities. Although the sample size was small,...

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