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4.03 Leisure activities can reduce isolation, loneliness, and alienation. (recreation, sport, arts, culture)

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  2. Creative cities: What are they for, how do they work, and how do we build them?
    2004 - Canada

    "Creative activity shapes the competitive character of a city by enhancing both its innovative capacity and the quality of place so crucial to attracting and retaining skilled workers. “


  3. Children in the Outdoors A literature review
    2009 - Scotland

    This review takes an in-depth look at the current themes within health, outdoors and children’s research and highlights how these relate to understanding the links between children’s use of...

  4. After-School Programs Alter Lives of At-Risk Youth. Park and recreation department-sponsored program
    2005 - USA

    After-school programs have been proven in a variety of research studies to decrease juvenile crime and violence, reduce drug use, cut smoking and alcohol abuse, and decrease teen pregnancy....

  5. Associations between sport and screen-entertainment with mental health problems in 5-year-old childr
    2010 - England

    Findings suggest an association between sport and better mental health in young children.

  6. Sport as a Post-Disaster Psychosocial Intervention in Bam, Iran
    2009 - Switzerland

    All parents, coaches and members of the project management team observed significant changes in the children’s behaviour and their group dynamics, which can be taken as indicators of improvement in...

  7. Demonstration Project to Test Benefits Based Programming Principles on Recreation Delivery Systems
    2000 - USA

    Overall, the demonstration programs in the five cities revealed very strong and positive results suggesting that the Benefits Based Programming approach to recreation programming has a significant...

  8. Forest School and its impact on young children – Case studies in Britain
    2007 - England

    Forest School: • Increases the self-esteem and confidence of those individuals who take part. • Improves an individual’s ability to work co-operatively and increases their awareness of others. •...

  9. Teens and sports: The perfect combination?
    2001 - USA

    Teen athletes are less likely to use illicit drugs, smoke or to be suicidal. Female athletes have more positive body images. and are more likely to wear seatbelts.

  10. Immigrant participatory arts: An insight into community-building in Silicon Valley
    2004 - USA

    Participatory community arts are one of the strongest channels that immigrants have for self-assertion as authoritative adults, teachers of their children, and allies to their new friends and...

  11. People’s Perceptions of Parks and Recreation
    2004 - USA

    When people perceive that the parks and playgrounds in their communities contribute to their health and well being, and when they are perceived as making a positive contribution to their quality of...

  12. The built environment and collective efficacy
    2006 - Canada

    This study suggests that there is an association between features of the environment and perceptions of neighborhood social functioning that may indirectly influence health outcomes. Therefore,...

  13. Promoting Women’s Health, Equity and Inclusion: The Role of Accessible Community Recreation in Reduc
    2000 - Canada


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