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5.01 Families and couples that share play and leisure are more likely to stay together

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  2. [English] Sports, The Arts and Community Programs: Rates and Correlates of Participation
    1998 - Canada

    When children participate in sports and the arts, they quickly gain skills and enrich the quality of their lives. Since economically disadvantaged children often have reduced participation rates,...

  3. [English] Holiday-taking and the sense of well-being
    2003 - England

    Holiday taking as a form of leisure activity and experience can help individuals to enhance their sense of happiness. This is based upon the premise that going on a vacation represents a distinct...

  4. [English] Family Deepening: A Qualitative Inquiry into the Experience of Families Who Participate in Service E
    2007 - USA

    When families engaged in purposive leisure they experience increased communication, enhanced interactions, and improved family cohesion. “Of the families surveyed, 43% volunteered with their family...

  5. [English] Association of father involvement and neighborhood quality with kindergartners’ physical activity: a
    2008 - Canada

    “At the child level father-child time and family time doing sports together were positively associated with children’s PA. At the neighborhood level parental perception of a neighborhood’s safety...

  6. [English] Quality of life and well-being: Measuring the benefits of culture and sport: Literature review and t
    2006 - Scotland

    In 2006, Scottish Executive Social Research about what is QOL, what contributes to QOL, and what are the outcomes of QOL states: “... the New Zealand government uses the concept of ‚Äúcultural...

  7. [English] Reggae to Rachmaninoff: How and why people participate in arts and culture
    2002 - USA

    Five factors merit the attention of arts and cultural leaders because they suggest new participation building strategies:

    1. Social and family connections lead to engagement in arts and culture...

    2002 - England

    "The most compelling evidence of impact of museums, archives and libraries was found to be in the areas of personal development, such as:
    • Acquisition of skills;
    • Trying new experiences;

  9. [English] The effects of wilderness settings on organized groups: A state-of-knowledge paper
    2000 - USA

    ” ... wilderness seems to intensify and focus personal efforts, which produces a positive impact on group development and increases the social integration ......helping participants come together...

  10. [English] Studies of the use of wilderness for personal growth, therapy, education, and leadership development
    1995 - USA

    In 1995, the University of Idaho findings tend to support the notion that : ” participation in wilderness experience programs results in positive benefits, such as enhanced self esteem and sense of...

  11. [English] Rural recreation lifestyles: Trends in recreation activity patterns and self-reported quality of lif
    2004 - USA

    “The rural activity lifestyles were linked to the quality of life and health of residents, supporting the assumption that there is a connection between the “recreation variable” and quality of life...

  12. [English] Strengthening Canada: The Socio-economic benefits of sport participation in Canada
    2005 - Canada

    Survey respondents rated seven major types of benefits of sport: physical fitness and health gains; fun, recreation and relaxation; sense of achievement; opportunities for family or household...

  13. [English] Sport and recreation: It’s more than you think
    2005 - Australia

    The study found 20 ways that sport and recreation benefits people. The overwhelming responsefrom participants in the survey was that sport and recreation delivered substantial benefits for...

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