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5.02 After school leisure programs provide safe, developmental opportunities for children and youth. (recreation, sport, arts)

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  2. Recreation and the Quality of Life in Saskatchewan Survey
    2016 - Canada

    Personal and community benefits of parks and recreation are leading factors by which people in Saskatchewan measure and assess their happiness and quality of life.

  3. Connecting Canadians with Nature
    2014 - Canada

    Research confirms that deepening our relationship with the natural world has tremendous personal benefits that ripple positively out to every facet of society.

  4. The Value of Countryside and Visitor Management Services
    2013 - Scotland

    The social return from investing in providing countryside and visitor management services in the Pentland Hills Regional Park is about £9 for every £1 invested.

  5. Blue Sky Green Space
    2011 - England

    The benefits of green space provide a very cost effective means of promoting health and well-being, as well as a mechanism for increasing community and citizen involvement in volunteering.

  6. The Social Benefits of Sport
    2013 - Scotland

    Sport improves physical and mental health and reduces health care costs. It also reduces anti-social behaviour.

  7. The Scientific Evidence Relating to the Impact of Recreation on Youth Development
    2010 - USA

    "Park and recreation department out of school time programs can make significant contributions in nine areas . They can:
    1 . contribute to reducing juvenile delinquency
    2 . contribute to...

  8. Scientific Research Supports Recreation for Children Living in Poverty
    2000 - Canada

    Offering recreational services helps psychologically disordered children on welfare maintain their social, physical and academic competence at a level equal to that of a non-disordered child....

  9. Culture and recreation : links to well-being
    2004 - Canada

    Recreation and play are particularly important for healthy childhood development − promoting the acquisition of motor skills, social skills and creativity, and the development of cognitive...

  10. Improving the Health of Young Canadians
    2007 - Canada

    Positive relationships, opportunities competencies, values and self-perceptions help adolescents succeed....the more of these assets adolescents possess, the greater their likelihood of engaging in...

  11. Arts Policy Research Findings
    2003 - Canada

    "There is biology of music…. Many of the same neurons that are used in music are also used in math, language, and thinking. Scientists believe that learning how to play an instrument like the piano...

  12. Culture and recreation : links to well-being
    2004 - Canada

    Culture and recreation contribute immeasurably to the health of individuals and of communities by keeping them alive and well.
    1.  Recreation and play are particularly important for healthy...

  13. Perceived environment and physical activity in youth
    2004 - Canada

    This study revealed the perceived importance of school environment as a key environmental component in explaining physical activity behaviour. Research interventions, programs and policies may do...

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