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5.03 Leisure activities develop community leaders. (recreation, sport, arts, culture)

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  2. Impact of youth theatres on communities
    2005 - Canada

    "Participation in youth theatre has a positive and wide-ranging impact on the communities where the theatres are located. “

  3. Culture and recreation : links to well-being
    2004 - Canada

    Culture and recreation contribute immeasurably to the health of individuals and of communities by keeping them alive and well.
    1.  Recreation and play are particularly important for healthy...

  4. Choreographing community sustainability: The importance of cultural planning to community viability
    2007 - Canada

    Festivals and celebrations are pivotal to community engagement, identity, and cohesiveness. Museums, heritage districts, galleries, performing arts centres, visual arts spaces, libraries, and...

  5. The built environment and collective efficacy
    2008 - USA

    Certain environmental features such as parks may set the stage for neighborhood social interactions, thus serving as a foundation for underlying health and well-being. Altering these environmental...

  6. Cultural participation, social capital and civil renewal in the United Kingdom: Statistical evidence
    2006 - England

    The United Kingdom benchmarked levels of cultural participation in the UK with the experience in other EU countries, and explored the links between cultural participation and other measures of...

  7. Culture as a Key Dimension of Sustainability: Exploring Concepts, Themes, and Models
    2007 - Canada

    Cultural Community Development (CCD) is a community-building tool that promotes a sense of place, empowerment, and public participation—all key components in the sustainable community development...

  8. Making exact change: How U.S. arts-based programs have made a significant and sustained impact on th
    2005 - USA

    Leadership development is a natural byproduct of many community arts endeavors and is sometimes characterized it as the most significant long-term result of the work.


  9. Community Change for Youth Development in KANSAS CITY:A Case Study of How a Traditional Youth-Servin
    2001 - USA

    A traditional youth serving agency can successfully lead a youth-focused, community-change effort.

  10. Legacies of North American Olympic Winter Games: Executive Summary
    2007 - Canada

    The information gathered for this report suggests that a North American city with a history of winter sports will benefit in numerous ways from hosting a Winter Olympic Games, including:
    • the...

  11. Benefits of Investing in Sport
    2003 - Canada

    Participation in sport and active recreation can bring diverse social groups together and improve the social cohesion and inclusion of minority groups in other settings. Sport is valuable in...

  12. 2002 Canadian Public Opinion Survey on Youth and Sport
    2002 - Canada

    Canadians highly value the contribution of community-level sports to the development of youth and also to the broader community.  Canadians see community-level sports as benefitting their local...

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