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5.05 Leisure activities and parks are often catalysts that build strong, self-sufficient, and sustainable communities. (recreation, sport, arts, culture)

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  2. Culture as a key dimension of sustainability: Exploring concepts, themes, and models
    2007 - Canada

    Cultural Community Development (CCD) has been linked to other sustainable community development initiatives, such as health, affordable housing, education, youth, poverty, education, policy, and...

  3. Community Change for Youth Development in KANSAS CITY:A Case Study of How a Traditional Youth-Servin
    2001 - USA

    A traditional youth serving agency can successfully lead a youth-focused, community-change effort.

  4. Legacies of North American Olympic Winter Games: Executive Summary
    2007 - Canada

    The information gathered for this report suggests that a North American city with a history of winter sports will benefit in numerous ways from hosting a Winter Olympic Games, including:
    • the...

  5. The Use and Benefits of Local Government Recreation and Parks Services for Albertans Living in Pover
    2009 - Canada

    Living in poverty limits leisure choices and the subsequent benefits in Alberta. In addition to the financial constraints that low income residents experieince, they also must deal with issues...

  6. 2002 Canadian Public Opinion Survey on Youth and Sport
    2002 - Canada

    Canadians highly value the contribution of community-level sports to the development of youth and also to the broader community.  Canadians see community-level sports as benefitting their local...

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