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  2. Environmental Facilitators and Physical Activity of Older Adults
    2017 - Finland

    High walkability of the living environment provides opportunities for physical activity in old age. 

  3. Physical Activity, Sedentary Time, and Academic Achievement in Children
    2016 - Finland

    Lower levels of physical activity and higher levels of sedentary time and particularly their combination were related to poorer reading skills in boys.

  4. Leisure-time Physical Activity, Body Mass Index, and Risk of Dementia
    2015 - Finland

    Maintaining high or increasing leisure-time physical activity after midlife was associated with lower dementia risk, benefits being more pronounced among men, overweight individuals. 

  5. Physical Activity and Menopause-related Quality of Life
    2014 - Finland

    Physically active women showed higher quality of life in four menopause-specific women's health questionnaire dimensions and in global quality of life when compared to inactive women.

  6. The influence of urban green environments on stress relief measures: A field experiment
    2014 - Finland

    Visits to urban nature environments have positive effects on perceived stress relief as compared to urban built-up areas.

  7. Leisure-time physical activity and psychotropic medication: A prospective cohort study
    2013 - Finland

    Leisure-time physical activity can help prevent the need for medication to address mental health problems among the middle-aged.

  8. Changes in Leisure-Time Physical Activity and Subsequent Sickness Absence in Middle-Aged Employees
    2012 - Finland

    Adapting or remaining vigorously active reduces the risk of both short and long-term sickness absence. 

  9. Lifetime leisure-time physical activity and the risk of depressive symptoms at 65–74 years
    2012 - Finland

    Lleisure-time physical activity throughout one's lifetime is beneficial in terms of depressive symptoms and somatic diseases in older age.

  10. Access to green areas and the frequency of visits – A case study in Helsinki
    2007 - Finland

    Contact with nature and active outdoor recreation on a regular basis have been found to improve health and well-being . Frequent physical activity is crucial for gaining health and well-being...

  11. Promoting ecosystem and human health in urban areas using Green Infrastructure: A literature review
    2007 - Finland

    Ecosystem services provided by a Green Infrastructure can provide healthy environments and physical and psychological health benefits to the people residing within them. Healthy environments can...

  12. Restorative experience and self-regulation in favorite places
    2002 - Finland

    Natural settings clearly predominated among favorite places and were underrepresented among unpleasant places.  The feelings most frequently associated with favorite places would contribute to...

  13. Diet, exercise, and complementary therapies after primary treatment for cancer
    2006 - Finland

    Healthy lifestyle behaviours that encompass regular exercise, weight control, healthy nutrition, and some complementary practices—eg, support groups, imagery—have the potential to greatly reduce...

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