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  2. Impact of aquatic exercise on functional capacity, balance, and fatigue in MS
    2017 - Asia

    Aquatic exercise training improved functional capacity, balance, and perceptions of fatigue in women with MS.

  3. Environmental Facilitators and Physical Activity of Older Adults
    2017 - Finland

    High walkability of the living environment provides opportunities for physical activity in old age. 

  4. Impact of Sports and Recreation Participation on Psychosocial Outcomes in Disabled Veterans
    2015 - USA

    Participation in adaptive sports, exercise, and recreation has a positive influence on self-esteem and quality-of-life in individuals with disabilities.

  5. Dance and Movement Program Improves Quality-of-Life Measures in Breast Cancer Survivors
    2004 - USA

    A dance movement program that addressed the physical and emotional needs of women following treatment for breast cancer substantially improved a breast cancer-specific quality-of-life measure.

  6. Participation in a creative arts project can foster hope in a hospice day centre.
    2000 - England

    Participants in the creative arts program expressed enjoyment, enthusiasm, excitement, pride, achievement, satisfaction, sense of purpose, mutual support and permanence.

  7. The Spiritual Benefits of Leisure
    2009 - Canada

    Significant positive relationships were found between spiritual well-being and overall leisure activity participation, as well as, engagement in the leisure activity categories of personal...

  8. Wheelchair Sports as Social Interaction
    1998 - USA

    In 1998,  New York HERO, Inc. reported that: ”  Social Benefits Which May Result from Wheelchair Sport Participation do exist. “” A majority of administrators in universities with wheelchair sports...

  9. Fitness for Individuals who are Visually Impaired, Blind, and Deafblind
    2006 - USA

    In 2006, the National Center on Physical Activity and Disability reported on research stating: ” Fitness for Individuals who are Visually Impaired, Blind, and Deafblind ... showed that regular...

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